Strep throat and pregnancy

For most women, pregnancy can be a period of excitement and apprehension. It can be quite difficult to deal with the multiple changes in the body. It even is depressing to get sick with a bacterial infection like strep throat. However, strep throat and pregnancy is not known to be a problematic tandem. Expectant mothers who have strep throat do not have to worry about the infection to cause harm to the babies inside their wombs. But of course with strep throat and pregnancy, women who are pregnant will experience significant discomfort.

That is why it is important for them to take proper care of their well-being. The distinctive features of strep throat are whitish covering or pus in the throat; throat and lymph nodes are swollen, sore throat, general fatigue and fever. Other uncommon symptoms which people can have are vomiting, headache and in several cases, presence of red rash. Also, if you strep throat it will be difficult to swallow and your appetite for food will be lessened. With strep throat and pregnancy, the right diagnosis should be obtained so that the right treatment can commence. This is especially important for a pregnant woman who has fever.

Through strep test, the diagnosis of the condition can be made. With the use of a cotton swab, the material which is at the back of the throat can be collected and then examined if streptococcus bacteria have developed successfully. The test is considered positive if the bacteria grow and strep infection is observed. Certain antibiotics are prescribed by the doctor in case the infection has already been diagnosed.

In the case of strep throat and pregnancy, it is necessary for women to get sufficient rest to allow the body to recover properly. Amoxicillin, penicillin and many more are the medicines usually prescribed. These can be consumed knowing that they are completely safe for the child. In order to obtain relief from the pain and discomfort due to this condition, there are certain home remedies to follow. Warm saline water used as gargle can provide relief for the pain in the throat.

Women are also advised to drink plenty of warm fluids so that there will be relief from the symptoms related to the condition. Moreover, pregnant women should try to avoid close contact with people who have contagious infections such as strep throat to make sure that they do not catch it. In case a pregnant woman gets the infection, immediate medical care must be sought and finish the course of antibiotics. If they fail to complete the antibiotic course, there might be recurrence of the infection and complications such as rheumatic fever will occur.