Soma Rx – A Drug with High Abuse Potential

Soma is the brand name of the drug known as carisoprodol, a medicine which has uses for conditions like analgesia, somnolence, erectile hyperfunction, anxiolysis, and muscle relaxation. Soma is prescription drug that is widely used for the latter since it is a skeletal muscle relaxant that functions by affecting the central nervous system to produce barbiturate-like effects. Taking Soma helps a lot in treating the pain experienced by patients due to muscle injuries that they have sustained.

Carisoprodol’s mechanism of action does not involve repairing the muscles themselves but it only works in the nervous system by blocking the pain sensations that are being sent by the nerves to the brain. The relief that it provides does not come from healing the muscles but only by making the brain think that the pain doesn’t exist. For this reason, Soma must be taken in multiple occasions daily due to its effects wearing off and for the users to constantly experience relief. This is also the reason why using Soma alone for the treatment of muscle injuries is not enough. This drug is at its best when it’s combined with physical therapy and other treatments that will help the injured muscles recover. Rest is also vital to patients using Soma for the muscles to heal faster. Engaging in strenuous physical activities while using this drug is not recommended as it would only extend the patient’s recovery time for much longer periods.

The year where this drug was approved by the FDA and released to the market was 1959 and its manufacturer is Meda Pharmaceuticals. The side effects that come with the use of Soma are only few and these include drowsiness, dizziness, and headaches. But if by any chance these side effects worsen or linger for much longer periods of time, patients should immediately seek medical help. Allergic reactions with the use of Soma is also rare but just in case users experience symptoms like rash, hives, swelling of the face/mouth/tongue/throat, and trouble breathing after taking the drug, they should stop using it and call 911.

Since Soma’s function in the brain and the nervous system can be likened to the sedative effects of barbiturates, it has inevitably bred many cases of addiction and abuse over the decades. Many people have used Soma for its euphoric and heavy sedating effects rather than its therapeutic benefits. This has led to many users of the drug becoming dependent to it and even the people who have used the drug legitimately have fallen victim to addiction. For this reason, Soma was classed by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a Schedule IV substance under the Controlled Substances Act.

DEA Seal

DEA Seal

People who will be needing to purchase this drug must secure a special prescription from their physicians and their use will be monitored for their own safety.

Patients who will be using Soma should be taking the drug strictly based on their doctor’s prescribed regimen. This will help them avoid getting addicted to the drug and will even aid them to maximize its positive benefits. Users should maintain constant communication with their physicians while using the drug so that their doctors will be able to monitor their progress. Suddenly stopping the intake of Soma is not recommended as it will cause serious withdrawal symptoms to the users especially if they have already been taking the drug regularly for a long time or taking it in high doses. Patients should talk to their doctors if they plan on stopping their intake of the drug so that their physicians could gradually reduce their dose. Any withdrawal symptoms associated with taking Soma should be immediately reported to the doctors.

Soma 350 mg

The dosage strengths available to Soma are only two: 350 mg and 250 mg. It is the patient’s physician who will be deciding which dosage strength of the drug should be used so that the patient will be able to get the best out of their treatment. The cost of one pill bottle of Soma 350 mg containing 90 pills can fetch for over $900 USD at local pharmacies. Its 250 mg dosage strength pills can be bought at a cheaper price of more or less $600 USD for 90 pills. The customers have better options in purchasing its generics as they will save a lot more. The price of 90 pills of generic Soma 250 mg ranges from $100 to $250 USD depending on the local drugstore that the buyers will get it from while its 350 mg pills can be bought at much cheaper prices that start at $12 USD for 90 pills.

Soma Pill High

Because of the sedative effects that come with the use of Soma especially in large dosages, many people experience a feeling of “high” or euphoria which can form some sort of addiction to its users. As Soma is metabolized by the body, the drug carisoprodol is broken down and produces a metabolite called meprobamate which causes the addiction. This is also the reason why the rate of Soma’s recreational use is high.

Is Soma a Narcotic?

Soma is not really a narcotic drug like the opioid and narcotic pain relievers like codeine, morphine, hydromorphone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, and others under the same category.

Morphine 5 mL

Morphine 5 mL

It is classed only as a skeletal muscle relaxant whose effects are considered to have a strong abuse potential. Narcotic and opioid pain relievers are known to have very strong effects which make them effective for the treatment of chronic pains. But unlike Soma which is only categorized as Schedule IV, narcotics are classed as Schedule I or II on the Controlled Substances Act because of their higher abuse potential.


Soma is a skeletal muscle relaxant, a prescription brand of the drug carisoprodol which is used for treating conditions like erectile hyperfunction, analgesia, anxiolysis, somnolence, and muscle relaxation. Soma works by blocking the pain sensations in the muscles from being sent by the nervous system to the brain. But due to the high abuse potential of this drug, it was classed as a Schedule IV substance by the DEA.