Soma Meds

Nowadays, when individuals feel pain it is not something that is so alarming since there are many meds that can take it away. But the magnitude of pain differ and so does the potency of the meds that take the pain away differ. A less potent med is less likely to treat a pain of a high magnitude. Therefore, the med you use to treat a certain pain would be dependent on the type and extent of the pain. For example, though an aspirin could be used to treat pain, it would be totally useless to use it to treat a severe muscle pain since it is used for treating moderate pain. Pain could be felt in the head, muscles, bones, and several other places on the body. Soma meds are also used for pain treatment but this pain is skeletal and muscular. It is a very potent drug and it should be used with caution. In this article, we would be going through the things you need to know about soma meds.

Soma Carisoprodol

Soma meds contain the primary ingredient known as carisoprodol which relaxes the muscles and blocks the pain sensation between the nerves and the brain. This med is used to treat skeletal muscle pain or injury.

Soma meds are considered by a few to be more of a mental relaxant since its main ingredient carisoprodol was originally developed to treat anxiety. But since it relaxes the muscles it can be used to effectively relax and alleviate muscular and skeletal pain. However, the drug is often coupled with rest and therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle conditions. Though soma meds may be very helpful in alleviating pain, it has a dark side because there is a risk of dependence and addiction. This is why your doctor may be reluctant to prescribe you soma meds. As a matter of fact, soma is a controlled substance as it was considered as a schedule IV drug by the DEA in January 2012. Schedule IV drugs are drugs that have a high potential for abuse. Soma has the proclivity to cause side effects such as impaired thinking or reflexes; so, while using this drug ensure you avoid getting involved in driving, operating heavy machinery and getting involved in tasks that require alertness until you know for sure how you react to the drug. Another important thing to bear in mind is that stopping the use of soma at once after using it for a while could cause withdrawal symptoms. It is important you consult with your doctor before stopping the use of soma meds. You may be advised to reduce use gradually before totally stopping the use.

Soma Dosage

Soma meds like most meds are available in different dosages. The common dosages of soma are 250 mg and 350 mg. For the treatment of muscular or skeletal pain either of the dosages is taken 3 times a day and at bedtime for 2 to 3 weeks. Do not elongate the duration of treatment; elongating treatment does not boost efficacy in alleviating severe musculoskeletal pain. The appropriate dosage for you would be written in the prescription from your doctor, ensure you follow all instructions on your doctor’s prescription to the letter. Stay clear of soma if you are allergic to the main ingredient carisoprodol or you have a history of seizures, liver or kidney disease. This drug should not be under 16 years of age and older adults should be monitored while using soma as they can be more sensitive to the effects of carisoprodol. If you are planning on getting pregnant or you are already pregnant; you should consult with your doctor before ingesting soma. And if you are breastfeeding a baby, you should ensure that you consult with your doctor also since carisoprodol can pass into the breast milk and could harm a baby. Avoid overdosing on soma as it could be fatal causing fainting, hallucinations, coma etc. If you miss a dose, use it immediately you remember. However, if it is close to the next scheduled dosage skip it and use next dose as scheduled. Things to avoid while taking soma include alcohol as it could cause increased dizziness which could lead to falls and other accidents. Taking soma with alcohol could cause death. Also, tell your doctor about any medicines you might be currently using to prevent adverse effects. The above are precautions that would ensure your safety while using soma. Consulting your doctor before use is always a great idea.

Soma 350 Mg Price

The soma 350 mg tablets are round white tablets with soma 350 inscribed on them. This is the highest dosage for soma and therefore it is highly potent. Thus, it should be used with caution. Owing to the fact that we all have different anatomy the effects felt by individuals differ. While a few individuals feel dizzy, and some feel drowsiness, some people also reportedly feel slight headaches from using soma 350mg; many individuals do not feel any of these effects at all. The pricing for soma 350 mg depends on the price store you make your purchase from. The price for Soma is around $9.97 per tab, check the screenshot below.

Soma 350 Mg Price

Soma 350 Mg Price

Buying more tablets always reduces the price you pay per tablet. So, to reduce cost you could buy more pills in a single order. The price in the screenshot above may vary in other drugstores. For the drugstores that offer soma meds at the best prices check our top list of recommended pharmacies.


Soma meds are effective tablets in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain or injury. However, while they are effective; they are also addictive and they could also come with certain dangerous effects. Hence, caution must be taken while using this drug. The precautions in this article would ensure your safety. Ensure you buy your soma meds from one of the pharmacies on our top list of recommended pharmacies to get the original soma med at the best price. Check the list out and beware of scammers.