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Rx Online is an application that will help in comparing the prices of medications in different online pharmacies and ensure that the customers are able to buy the drug at the pharmacy that sells the drugs at the lowest price. This will ensure that customers will not be taken advantage of by the pharmacies that charge exorbitant prices for the medications that are supposed to cost only a fraction of the amount they are selling the drugs. The customers will be able to view the available coupons for the drugs they wish to purchase, send it to their phone via email or a text message and when they get to the pharmacy, they will show the coupon to the pharmacist dispensing the drugs. The discount will be deducted from the total cost of the drugs will amount to great saving.

Besides helping customers buy their medications at cheap prices, Rx Online will also aid in the transfer of customers’ prescriptions from one online pharmacy to the other. This will prove to be quite helpful especially when the customer has moved from one location to the other and did not have the time to ask his doctor to write a new prescription addressed to another pharmacy in the new location. All you have to do is to provide the details that will enable RX online to transfer your prescription to the other pharmacy and it will be done.

The private health information provided to the pharmacy will not be shared with any third party but will be held in confidence. You, therefore, do not have to be afraid that your personal info will be leaked out when you disclose it to Rx Online.

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Customers who have used the services of Rx online have been impressed with the fact that they were able to save on the cost of their prescription drugs. Mary C is one of the customers and she says that her experience with the pharmacy was positive. She was able to save over $130 on her prescription drugs which were not covered by her insurance cover. She says that at times, the costs of drugs at Rx are cheaper at times that you would pay with an insurance cover.

Another happy customer by the name Brook M says that Rx online really works. He was able to save 55% on the total cost of medication. Initially, he had tried to use his insurance cover and discovered that the price was still high and he could not afford to pay. His doctor suggested that he try Rx online and he was thrilled! He is now able to afford his medication and glad that he will not have to suffer from a relapse due to lack of drugs.

Below are some of the verified reviews from customers who have used the services of Rx online:

Rx Online customer reviews

Rx Online customer reviews

Cheapest Place to Get Prescriptions Filled Without Insurance

Goodrx online is mainly focused on ensuring that customers will not have to pay too much for their prescription drugs. All one has to do is to type the name of the drug in the provided search box and you will get the prices of the same drug in different pharmacies. You will be able to know the pharmacy with the lowest prices and you can then make your purchases. Many who have benefited from the use of this service can attest to the fact that the prices of the drugs through Goodrx are cheaper than the price you would pay with the help of an insurance cover.

For instance, the price of the drug below varies in different pharmacies with the cheapest price being at Costco Pharmacy which is $840.13, and the most expensive being Walmart at $881.23. With this comparison, a customer will be able to save over $40 on the same medications.

Example of Rx online price comparison on the same drug in different pharmacies

Example of Rx online price comparison on the same drug in different pharmacies

You will no longer have to fear that you will not be able to afford your medications since you do not have an insurance cover. The price of the medications could even be lower than the cost you would pay if you had an insurance cover. You will also be able to pay a cheaper price for the drugs that are not covered by your insurance cover.

The price data at Rx online is sourced from pharmacy’s price lists, evidence of previous purchases, and other data sources. The discount coupons displayed alongside the prices of the prices are offered in collaboration with the pharmacies that work with Rx online.

Order Prescription Drugs Online Without Doctor

There are some legitimate online pharmacies that will sell prescription drugs without asking for a prescription. You will, however, need to be very careful so that you will not fall into the hands of scammers who will defraud you of your hard earned money and end up selling fake drugs. Others will take your money and never deliver the drugs to you.

All you have to do is to write the name of the drug in the Rx online search box and you will be able to compare the prices of the drugs you wish to buy in different pharmacies. Once you have identified the pharmacy with the cheapest prices, you will place an order with the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Mall, Prescription Drugs Online Pharmacy

Pharmacy Mall, Prescription Drugs Online Pharmacy

The online pharmacy must be verified and should be able to provide high-quality medications at affordable prices. A pharmacy like Pharmacy Mall will not require a prescription to buy drugs from them, yet the quality of the drugs is very high. You can understand an online pharmacy better by reading the reviews from customers who have been buying drugs from the pharmacy.


Rx online is a trusted site where customers will be able to compare the prices of different medications in various pharmacies. All they have to do is to type the name of the drug in the provided search box and the prices from different pharmacies will show up. You will then buy from the pharmacy that has the lowest prices and buy the drugs from them. The online pharmacies that are featured at Rx online have been verified and you will, therefore be assured of getting original medications whenever you order from them. You can also make use of our list of Top Online Pharmacies to check out the best online pharmacies that can be trusted to supply original medications at cheap prices.