PharmacyRxWorld – What We Know of This Shop So Far

Pharmacyrxworld is an online pharmacy selling various kinds of generic and brand name products for plenty of medical uses. Although has a “pharmacy” prefix to it, this is not actually a pharmacy or an online extension of local pharmacies; Pharmacy Rx World is actually an online prescription service which connects consumers to the company’s fulfillment centers across the globe. According to Pharmacy Rx World, the shop has links to various local drugstores from locations like India, the United Kingdom, and Turkey.

Pharmacy Rx World operates from Canada (from Toronto, specifically) and though not explicitly stated, the shop started in 2002, which indicates that the shop was created earlier than most online drugstores found on the web today.

Being a shop operating from Canada, Pharmacy Rx World is a certified member of the organization called CIPA Rx or Certified Canadian International Pharmacy. There are only about 60+ online pharmacy members of this group, which means that Pharmacy Rx World is credible and safe to use by the consumers.

Concerning the products sold by the shop, Pharmacy Rx World is selling medicines for the following ailments:

  • High blood pressure
  • Skin problems
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Depression
  • Pet medicines

Although Pharmacy Rx World has almost all of the products available in its lineup, the shop does not actually serve scheduled substances and items which have the potential for addiction among users.

Out of all the items on Pharmacy Rx World, the most popular ones include Cialis 10 mg ($367/24 tablets), Plavix 75 mg ($174/84 tablets), Advair Diskus 250/50mcg ($263 for 6 x 60 dose).

Unlike questionable online drugstores, Pharmacy Rx World requires its consumers to present their prescriptions first before they are sent the products. This is to assure that the buyers are indeed certified to use the meds they purchase and also to prevent the wrong usage of the products sold by the store. However, customers without their prescriptions may ask the store to call their doctors so they can order without a prescription from Pharmacy Rx World.

In compliance with international pharmacy laws, Pharmacy Rx World also limits customer orders to up to 3 months’ supply of the products.

Pharmacy Rx World is accepting several types of payments and not only credit card payments. Consumers may pay for their items using e-checks, debit, international money order, international postal money orders, and personal checks.

To contact Pharmacy Rx World, buyers may reach out to the shop using the contact information below:

International Phone Number: +1-647-258-6406
International Fax Number: +1-647-258-5432


Customer Service: [email protected]
Business Development: [email protected]

Mailing Address

Pharmacy RX World
283 Danforth Ave
Suite 466
Toronto, ON, Canada
M4K 1N2

Pharmacyrxworld Reviews

Since I wanted to find out if the shop Pharmacy Rx World has performed well during the past, I checked available reviews pertaining to the performance of the store, preferably from its former clients. Sadly, I was unable to find positive responses for the store and instead found a few buyer complaints about its service:

Pharmacy Rx World Review

Pharmacy Rx World Review

According to one Richard Levacy, who apparently was a physician, mentioned that he received incomplete orders from the store. He followed up for his order but despite the assurances given by the shop, Pharmacy Rx World ended up not sending his order and not giving him a refund.

Pharmacy Rx World Review

Pharmacy Rx World Review

A more recent comment from another platform and from a buyer named James H only had negatives for the shop. According to James H who wrote his review on BBB in 2015, he was charged an extra $12 on his card and without his knowledge. Because of this instance, he vowed never to order from Pharmacy Rx World again.

As much as I wanted to discuss positive reviews for Pharmacy Rx World, the shop did not have any good record from the web. To me, this is rather weird considering Pharmacy Rx World claims to have started its service in 2002.

Is Pharmacyrxworld Legitimate?

I thought that maybe the shop Pharmacy Rx World would have better comments for the present year, but unfortunately, the tides have not yet turned for Pharmacy Rx World. The shop did not have plenty of reviews for this year and in fact only had a negative review from a disappointed buyer:

Pharmacy Rx World Complaint

Pharmacy Rx World Complaint

According to the user named Robert who posted his comment in 2017, he purchased Viagra from Pharmacy Rx World and instead was sent “Sildenafil 100 mg”. According to him, the meds did not work for him and therefore warned the other not to purchase medicines from this shop.

Pharmacy Rx World CIPA Result

Pharmacy Rx World CIPA Result

The only good thing about Pharmacy Rx World though is that it’s actually a member of CIPA. However, I doubt that this would help other buyers significantly if the shop actually sells fakes, adds hidden charges, and ships incomplete orders, just as this store’s former clients have complained about.

Pharmacyrxworld Coupons

There are no coupon codes available for consumers of Pharmacy Rx World, but the shop is offering free shipping instead:

Free Shipping from Pharmacy Rx World

Free Shipping from Pharmacy Rx World

According to the store, buyers are entitled to free shipping on their orders if their orders go beyond $49.


Pharmacy Rx World is an online prescription service that’s a genuine CIPA Rx member. It supplies brand and generic medicines to consumers in various locations, as long as they have the appropriate prescriptions for the products. All in all, the shop only had negative comments about its service and therefore has questionable integrity. Transact with this store with care. Visit our Catalog of Recommended Pharmacies to select an approved by customers online pharmacy.