Pharmacy Mall Reviews: The Perfect Canadian Pharmacy to Buy Your Meds from

Pharmacy Mall is one of the online pharmacy pioneers. The pharmacy has remained unshaken by the huge competition that online drug stores usually face. The store has been on the web for more than 20 years. It was established back in 1997. For a pharmacy to be present on the web this long, it has to be offering its customers the best services. This is evident in the number of customers they are serving as of 2018. Currently, Pharmacy Mall is selling its medications to over 1 million customers from all over the globe. The store has the following look when you load it:

The store attracts a lot of attention from buyers through offering great services. The store offers their customers the lowest prices. The qualities of the drugs delivered is always high. They make sure that they keep their customer details private and secure. The store offers quick shipping. What is even better is that you will get free worldwide shipping when you buy meds worth more than 200 dollars. Every order you get will have some free pills added to it.

The store does not leave out people who don’t understand English. The store caters to these people by providing a language selection feature that changes the language of the whole site with a single click. The drugstore offers 16 currencies and hence eliminating the need to do conversions for the currencies yourself. The store uses a 256-bit encrypted site to process payments. You will only need to pay for your meds using credit cards. This keeps you safe since disputing the charges is possible. The store has 27 medication categories. This tells you that it has meds for almost every health defect. You will always find a medication that can help you fix the health defect making your life uncomfortable.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

We searched for reviews available online for Pharmacy Mall. We were shocked when we discovered that the online drugstore which has its location in Canada has no consumer complaints. 100% of the reviews the drugstore had were positive. We captured a portion of these reviews. These are as we have indicated them below:

Pharmacy Mall Testimonials (source: http://pharmacymall

Pharmacy Mall Testimonials (source:

Dorothy who had ordered her medications all the way from Andorra says that she found the services offered by Pharmacy Mall to be excellent. Her query was dealt with very efficiently. The prices were good. She received quality meds such that she felt she had gotten the value for her cash.

Samuel is pleased by the speedy shipping and the fact that Pharmacy Mall kept him updated during the shipping process on a daily basis. He has used Pharmacy Mall for several years and he has always been pleased. The site is very honest and great according to Samuel.

Sarah from Spain tells us that the kind of service she has gotten from Pharmacy Mall has surpassed any other she has ever enjoyed anywhere else. She actually indicates that the service the drugstore offers is very rare nowadays. Her order reached her quickly.

You can already verify from the above customer comments that Pharmacy Mall offers the buyers the best medications, the lowest prices, and fast delivery. This tells you that you can order from the pharmacy and not fear anything.

Pharmacy Mall Viagra

Viagra is the common bestseller in most online pharmacies. At Pharmacy Mall, we found that it was a bestseller too. The major reason as to why this happens is because the drug is overly expensive in the local pharmacies. The drug will require anyone who wants a pill to pay 70 dollars. This is exorbitant prices even for a brand medication. If you source the medication online specifically from Pharmacy Mall, the following are the prices for brand Viagra:

Pharmacy Mall Brand Viagra Cost

Pharmacy Mall Brand Viagra Cost

The most expensive price is for when you buy the package that has only 4 pills in it. You will have to pay $9.14 for each pill. This is a price that anyone can afford. It gets even better when you realize that the price can go down when you buy your drug in bulk. Those who buy 120 pills of the brand Viagra are only supposed to pay $3.38 for a pill. This saves you more than 90% of your money if you compare this with the price that local pharmacies offer. Generic Viagra price is as we have indicated it below:

Pharmacy Mall Generic Viagra Price

Pharmacy Mall Generic Viagra Price

A pill will cost you a maximum of $3.61. This is when you buy a pack that has 10 pills in it. Also, when you increase the number of generic Viagra pills you purchase, you will get to reduce the price. You will only need to pay $1.01 for a pill when you buy 360 pills. This is the cheapest price you can get anywhere on the web.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

Pharmacy Mall is not among the kinds of pharmacies which don’t show their contact details. This store is very open about its business dealings. The store displays, not one but two phone numbers on its website. The numbers you should use to reach their customer support department are:

  • +1 718 487 9792
  • +4420 3239 7092

You will not find a live chat option on Pharmacy Mall. However, the site has a contact page that has a form you can fill out and send the support department an email. You can always rely on the customer support agents to respond to all your queries on time.


Pharmacy Mall is a pharmacy we would recommend to all our readers. The pharmacy has been in business for more than 20 years. If Pharmacy Mall was a spam pharmacy, it would have lost all its customers by now and gone bankrupt which would have erased it from the face of the internet. Instead of this happening, the pharmacy has continued to grow such that it currently has more than one million customers. You will be safe when you order from Pharmacy Mall