Soma Rx – A Drug with High Abuse Potential

Soma is the brand name of the drug known as carisoprodol, a medicine which has uses for conditions like analgesia, somnolence, erectile hyperfunction, anxiolysis, and muscle relaxation. Soma is prescription drug that is widely used for the latter since it is a skeletal muscle relaxant that functions by affecting the central nervous system to produce […]

Pharmacies Direct – An Australian Online Pharmacy Store with Mixed Reviews

Pharmacies Direct ( is more than just an online drugstore—the shop is actually more like a virtual grocery/consumer merchandise store rather than an online pharmacy. Unlike most virtual pharmacies on the web, Pharmacies Direct is actually selling goods like food items, baby care, cosmetics, skincare products, medical supplies (like blood pressure and blood sugar monitors), […]

Fioricet Reviews

Fioricet, Watson Pharma drug containing a cocktail of active ingredients, is one of the most effective treatments for tension migraines in patients. Although doctors approve of the product for use by patients, it is good to take a look at the patient reception for the prescription product.

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