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Online drugstores that are based in the USA number for up to thousands even if there are already lots of local drugstores around to provide the needs of the entire population. But compared to the local ones, online drugstores have a much larger market since they can provide medicines even to customers outside of the US. Most US-based online drugstores are made up of the corporate ones (known local pharmacy chains that now offer online retail of drugs) and the independent ones who have direct suppliers outside the country, providing meds at much lower prices. The corporate online drugstores have basically retained the local prices that they have for their medicines and the customers won’t be getting much of a discount from purchasing from them. These are the pharmacies which are known for their expensive prices and the only discounts that they honor are from the coupons provided by popular sites like Good Rx.

On the other hand, independent, US-based online drugstores have much more to offer to their customers. These online pharmacies are not limited to just a few selections of drugs but they have a much wider and richer assortment of meds than other drugstores. They offer a great range of pharmaceutical products which include all the known medicine brands and their generic versions and variants. In this way, customers have a choice on what medicines they would like to choose, enabling them to select the best and the cheapest medicines possible.

Not all generic drugs are available at local pharmacies and corporate online drugstores. Most of the time, what they only have are the expensive branded drugs that most customers won’t be able to afford or if they will ever be able to purchase some, they would only be able to get a few pills which are insufficient for long-term use. As a result, customers who purchase meds from these stores never manage to get the right treatment that they should get from these effective medicines and still end up untreated and without any money left for their savings.

The advantages in choosing the independent online pharmacies are clear but the choice is still up for the customers to make. It still boils down to which online pharmacy they intend to choose, the ones that they are more convenient with and the ones who can provide all of their needs in terms of products, customer service, and ease of use. But for clients who are looking to get big savings while getting the exact same benefits and effects that an expensive branded medicine would give, non-corporate online pharmacies is the way to go. With a complete selection of products and excellent prices, what more could a customer ask for?

Walgreens Online

Walgreens is the second largest pharmacy chain in the USA and is one of the most successful pharmacy businesses in the world. It has local pharmacy stores all over the United States but to cover for the need of those customers who cannot visit their stores due to vicinity and mobility reasons, they have established an online version of their local pharmacy. They have all the products that the customers are going to need but unlike the independent online pharmacies, they don’t have many generic alternatives to offer to their clients. Nevertheless, Walgreens is also successful on its online venture as its patron clients especially those who are old and handicapped would simply need to access its pharmacy webpage and order their meds from their homes or wherever they may be.



To send the medicines to their clients, Walgreens Online employs the service of United States Postal Service (USPS) and other various couriers such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, and others to get the meds to their customers just in time. Its products may not be as affordable as what the independent local drugstores have but its service and products are just as great.

Discount Drugstore Online

Independent pharmacy sites are the best online places to get great discounts. Aside from the cheap prices that they have for their medicines, they also offer various discounts that no other pharmacies offer. If local drugstores can only offer coupon discounts, online pharmacies offer great discounts for customers in bulk purchases. It gives the customers the opportunity to save for up to hundreds of dollars whenever they order medicines in large quantities. As the number of pills that are purchased by the customer increases, the price per pill is also reduced, enabling them to get their medicines at very low prices. On top of the bulk purchase discounts, independent online drugstores in the USA also offers returning customer discounts. This discount is always available for customers to avail every time they return to purchase their meds and this discount can be as big as 7% of the total amount.

Coupon Code Discount

Coupon Code Discount

There are still other discounts that they can take advantage of at US-based online drugstores and some of them include coupon code discounts and free deliveries of their orders.

Best Online Drugstore USA International Shipping

There might be no sure way to know who the best online drugstore is among thousands of them because of their growing number and their additional new offers but as long as the prices are right, the service is good and the medicines are effective, customers should go for them. Reputation is also a thing to consider because of the growing number of fake pharmacies. Customers should only trust the ones that have good reviews from independent review sites to guarantee their safety. It’s also a good thing for customers to ask for any recommendation from their colleagues for them to be sure that the online pharmacy they’re going to buy from is legitimate. We have provided a verified List of USA Drugstores that offer international shipping to any county in the world for $10.

Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall


Online drugstores based in the USA don’t only provide medicines to US customers but they also cater to the needs of their customers around the world. There are independent online drugstores and corporate online drugstores which are both reliable and the only difference between them are the prices that they provide for their products. It’s still down to the customer’s personal preference on where to purchase but to those who are looking to save money, independent online pharmacies are the best choice. Consult our verified List of Recommended USA Drugstores that offer international shipping to any county.