My Mexican Drugstore – Is there a Legit Mexican Pharmacy Online?

“My Mexican Drugstore” online pharmacies are now becoming more and more popular on the web since operators have discovered that online drugstores are a lucrative business strategy. Customers have now shifted to purchasing their medicines online instead of at their local drugstores since they learned that online pharmacies tend to offer cheaper medications compared to their neighborhood drugstores.

The “My Mexican Drugstore” online drugstore name belongs to online drugstores from various independent companies. Although there are a few internet pharmacies named this way, not all of them come from a single company. In some cases, these online drugstores belong to different pharmacy operators, which make it confusing for the consumers to look for My Mexican Drugstore legit websites.

Prescription Drugs Mexico

Online drugstores often include the term “Mexico” to their online pharmacies considering the country, like India, is associated with lower drug prices compared to US pharmacy prices. There is nothing illegal from purchasing medicines from Mexico—the enormous price differences between the medicines sold in Mexico is primarily due to the approval of the generic drugs in the country.

In some countries, specific generic medicines for brand-name medicines are permitted to market earlier than the other countries, but in some cases, like in the United States, some brand companies have tightened their hold in the market through patent exclusivities, disallowing the generic medicines to reach the consumers.

Mexico is one of the more lenient countries when it comes to generic prescriptions marketing, making the country popular amongst consumers wanting to maximize their savings on prescriptions. Because of this, online drugstores are also taking on the “Mexico” name so they will be associated with low-cost medicines and encourage people to purchase.

Most of the My Mexican Drugstore shops offer generic medicines that are at least 50% lower than the brand name drug prices in the market. They offer drugs that are intended for a couple of medical conditions, mostly erectile dysfunction, pain relief, heart disease medicines, gastric treatments, and a lot of others.

Apart from the low prices, most My Mexican Drugstore shops are also offering coupon codes and other deals like free shipping, free pills, and bulk discounts to encourage the consumers to purchase from their websites.

Legitimate Mexican Pharmacy Online

Not all My Mexican Drugstore named online pharmacies are safe to use, considering the number of scammers prowling the web. In order to find My Mexican Drugstore legit websites, you have to keep in mind the following reliable site attributes:

  • Dispenses medicines only when prescriptions are available

One of the hallmark traits of reliable online pharmacies is them being able to ask for legitimate prescriptions before dispensing the products, according to the Food and Drug Administration. In the absence of asking prescriptions, some legitimate online drugstores also give free doctor consultations or medical assessments whenever applicable.

  • Look for web pharmacies with a long service history

It’s hard to trust online drugstores with only a few weeks or a few months of experience. If possible, look for My Mexican Drugstore shops with long years of experience—you can use web domain assessment tools to help you in this regard.

However, it is also important to note that you should not depend on age alone—a good old age coupled with the other indicators of reliability should be the one you should rely upon.

  • Responsive customer support team

My Mexican Drugstore shops with responsive enough support teams are something you should look for since stores that neglect their consumers is usually a bad sign.

Apart from these signs, customers should also read buyer reviews for My Mexican Drugstore websites to see if the shops they are eyeing are safe to purchase from or if they are only scam sites.

My Mexican Drugstore Reviews

Because reviews are essential to look for in a web drugstore, we took the liberty to search for available My Mexican Drugstore reviews. We came across some good reports and bad reports, such as the ones below:

Good Reviews for My Mexican Drugstore

Good Reviews for My Mexican Drugstore

According to Wubbzy, one client who was able to shop at one My Mexican Drugstore pharmacy, the T3 drug he ordered from the store was effective. Because of this, he gave the store 5 out of 5 stars.

Another consumer, EVE ROBINSON, who wrote her review in April 2014, mentioned that she successfully ordered T3 from My Mexican Drugstore. According to her, the store offered good prices for the drug she needed and that the support team of the pharmacy was also polite and very helpful. She rated the pharmacy 4 out of 5.

MaBa also gave the shop 5 out of 5 points and pointed out that he was able to purchase T3 from the store as well and mentioned that the drug was effective to use.

Complaint About My Mexican Pharmacy

Complaint About My Mexican Pharmacy

Despite the good reviews for one particular My Mexican Drugstore, there were also existing complaints on the web. One user, “cfloro”, gave the shop 1/5 points because allegedly, the store was “fraudulent” and stole the client’s money.

According to “cfloro”, My Mexican Drugstore offered no links to pay via credit card and offered only money transfer payments. After he wired the payment to the shop, one store attendant stated that the shop does not accept wire transfers. Until today, the issue stands unresolved. Overall, the shop stole $94 from him.


My Mexican Drugstore is one of the popular web drugstores today. It offers generic medicines for various medical concerns, as well as special discounts and other offers.

There are actually a lot of My Mexican Drugstore shops on the web, and this makes it hard for consumers to decide which ones to trust. Buyers should be aware of the markers of a good online pharmacy, like good reviews, a long service history, a responsive support team, and reasonable deals. Think of these things before using any My Mexican Drugstore pharmacy so you stay safe online. Better yet, use the shops included on our list of Top Online Vendors to be 100% sure of your safety while shopping online.