Is Alldaychemist Legit? A Deep Analysis of Alldaychemist

Alldaychemist is a certified and legal pharmacy that came into operation in the year 2002 and has since grown to stock generic drugs that are of high quality, affordable and accessible to everyone. Rated between 4 and 5 of 5, Alldaychemist stocks a variety of drugs ranging from ED, birth-control, beauty and skin care products, pain relief and antibiotics among others.

From the front page of Alldaychemist above, we can see a display of what they offer as online vendors, we can see that they have a contacts corner, we can also see that they have other social media pages that are active. That on top of the fact that Alldaychemist has been operational for more than 15 years, should be able to tell you that it is operating legally as it already met the standards of the FDA (Foods and Drugs Association)

Alldaychemist Reviews Reddit

One of the surest ways of knowing the legitimacy of a pharmacy is through client reviews. As a customer, whenever you receive service that you want people to know about, you always leave a review. The same goes for when you do not get good service when you are conned or even when you do not feel safe about a particular pharmacy. These reviews are what will warn others of any impending damages or losses. Whenever in doubt of anything, always go online and check on client feedback before partaking of any transaction.

image2 21                                          Alldaychemist Positive Online Reviews

Looking at the above reviews, you can learn a thing or two about the legitimacy of Alldaychemist. The first client ‘Oldexperianced’ says he had good service from Alldaychemist and had not experienced any attempts on checking the account information submitted to Alldaychemist on the purchase.

‘DallasGuy99’ says that the medication he purchased from Alldaychemist was legit and it did work. He says that he bought goods worth $150 and had no issues with the pharmacy. He also goes ahead to note that he received his items 16 days after payment. Although he was a little unsure, finally his goods arrived and all he had to say was positive feedback.

The third review from ‘SHOW_ME_YOUR_INBOX’ shows you that for over a year and a half he/she experience no problems with Alldaychemist and all his/her orders came through in about three weeks with everything accounted for. Sounds like a pharmacy you could purchase from.

We learn more from ‘g-spot_adept’ who has used Alldaychemist for 10 years and had no problems with the pharmacy although he plays safe just in case of anything. He goes on to state that the quality of the drugs purchased is amazing and more, that it takes about 3 weeks to get your orders delivered.

Generally, Alldaychemist has a positive review, which would not happen if it was not legit. Negative feedback will not lack. You can never lack one person who is dissatisfied with something at least. Either way, both positive and negative feedback is meant to open your eyes to all possibilities.

Alldaychemist Payments Options

Most online pharmacies have their clients paying via, VISA, credit card, PayPal and MasterCard among others. Things are a little different with Alldaychemist though. All the above modes of payment are not accepted and may not be accepted any time soon. Instead, the pharmacy only accepts money transfers, eCheck, and wire transfers. The payment modes that they accept are stressful and take longer to clear (3 business days) consequently the delivery time is tampered with. Also, buyers do not feel entirely secure sharing the details with the pharmacy and this could compromise on the service rendered plus the turn-around time. For a long time, this has been a source of many doubts and negative feedback on Alldaychemist.

image1 14                                         Is Alldaychemist Safe?

All the clients above are having issues with their bank accounts and are linking them to Alldaychemist because they feel that their preferred modes of payment are not favorable. This apart from turning away many customers will take away all the glory from the world’s eyes.

Maybe it is time Alldaychemist considered changing their modes of payment to accommodate all the favorable options to take away all the negativity surrounding money losses from clients. Safety is key to the success of any legit pharmacy and more especially the security of financial details because nobody wants to fall victim to fraudsters.

Alldaychemist Pharmacy Legit Check

Most of the time you will be in doubt on what to do or not when it comes to online purchases at Alldaychemist because of the mixed reactions from clients. You do not have to risk anything because the losses you will incur will include both your hard earned money and your precious time. You will agree with me that sometimes the reviews may not be enough or may not take away your fears sufficiently.

There are websites that will help you through this legit check. They work by having a list of all the non-recommended sites at your disposal. Your only task will be to log in and search whether the site is recommended or not. The sites include LegitScript, NAPB, and Pharmacy checker among others. Here you will get all the information you want.

image3 20                               NAPB Official Website for Legit Check


Having been approved by the Foods and Drugs Association and operated for more than 15 years, Alldaychemist is a legit pharmacy and can be improved by mending the few loopholes that are giving it a bit of negativity. The drugs sold are of top quality and have been reported to treat the ailments they are purchased for.

Always consult your doctor before taking any medications purchased online for further guidance. To prevent online crime, report any sites you find crafty thus help save yourself and other unsuspecting buyers. If in doubt, check online for our TOP List of recommended pharmacies for more advice.