Global Pharmacy Canada: Find Out How Good this Store is

Global Pharmacy Canada has been operational since the year 2004. The store claims that during the past 14 years they have already refilled more than 200,000 customer prescriptions. Their licensed pharmacies are based in Europe, Singapore, and India. They claim that they always source their medications from these pharmacies since the meds are cheaper and hence they manage to offer their customers better prices than the ones available in the local stores. The store claims that they will keep all your transactions safe since they have included a 256-bit encryption on their website.

The store fills more than three hundred thousand orders on a yearly basis. More than one hundred and fifty thousand Americans source their meds from Global Pharmacy Canada. Also, people from other countries source their generic and brand name drugs from this store. The store guarantees their buyers that they will get 100% of their money back if they do not get satisfied with the meds they receive or their package fails to reach them. The toll-free number that you can use to reach this pharmacy is 1-855-455-7782. Their fax is 1-855-475-7787. The store also has a contact form on their website that you can fill out with your contact details and message to reach out to them quite easily.

Global Pharmacy Reviews

Information placed on a company website is not always correct. Some of the rogue pharmacies will place the wrong information in an attempt to sway your decision and force you to buy from them. This is the reason we encourage you to check the reviews. We have made it easier for you to get access to global pharmacy Canada reviews. Here are some of them:

Global Pharmacy Canada User Testimonials (source: http://www

Global Pharmacy Canada User Testimonials

Bob says that he had made his first order at Global Pharmacy Canada. He had received a letter that claimed the pharmacy accepted check, Visa, and Mastercard. He found that the store only accepted MasterCard after he had placed his order online. Bob does not have a Mastercard. He has to send a check. He did not receive a discount on his first order.

Janice reports that buying from Global Pharmacy Canada was nice and easy. Rick reports that his experiences with ordering from the pharmacy were good. He found it easy to order and the quality of product that he received was good. He will recommend the store to his friends.

The majority of reviews that we located online for Global Pharmacy Canada were positive. The negative thing that we found was numerous people being angered by the fact that the pharmacy was not accepting VISA as a method of payment. They only accepted Mastercard. Also, first-time buyers were complaining since the pharmacy was not offering any discounts to first-time buyers. Apart from these two complaints, there was nothing else. Those who managed to complete their order received their drugs on time and the drugs had a good quality.

Global Pharmacy Plus Coupons

We able to locate various coupon codes, promo codes and offers for Global Pharmacy Canada. We have some of them with us as proof. Check them out below:

Global Pharmacy Canada Coupon Codes

Global Pharmacy Canada Coupon Codes

The first and only coupon code available allows you to save 10% of all the money that you spend when you are buying drugs on Global Pharmacy Canada. The second one is a deal that allows you to save money when you are buying meds for your pets. You will be relieved 75% of the total price. This means that you will only need to pay a mere 25%. If you are diabetic and you are buying your drugs at Global Pharmacy Canada to help you regulate your glucose levels and avoid future complications, you will be able to save 80%. You will be needed to pay only 20% for your diabetes meds.

Global Pharmacy Cialis

Cialis is a drug that has tadalafil in it. Tadalafil is the active compound which is responsible for treating erectile dysfunction in men who are dealing with this condition. Erectile dysfunction usually arises from the blood lacking the ability to flow to the male sex organ in abundant amounts. This is as a result of an enzyme known as PDE5 destroying cGMP hormone. The cyclic GMP is responsible for keeping the blood vessels wide enough and allowing blood to flow quite easily. Tadalafil is usually referred to as a PDE5 inhibitor by health professionals since it functions by inhibiting the activities of PDE5. The drug will take one hour to work. When purchased in a local store, it will cost you 70 dollars for a single pill. When bought at Global Pharmacy Canada, the brand Cialis will cost you the following:

Global Pharmacy Canada Brand Cialis Cost

Global Pharmacy Canada Brand Cialis Cost

The cheapest Cialis is the 5mg tablet. 28 tablets will cost you $130. This means that you will pay $4.64 for each tablet. The 10 mg will cost you $18.75 per pill. The 20 mg pill will require you to pay 20 dollars. The generic Cialis prices are as follows:

Global Pharmacy Canada Generic Viagra Price

Global Pharmacy Canada Generic Viagra Price

The 10 mg pill is the cheapest. Each pill will cost you 2.75 dollars. The 20 mg price decreases depending on how many pills you have purchased. When you buy 20 pills you will pay $3.75 for a pill. When you buy 40 pills, you pay $3.5.


Global Pharmacy Canada has a very large number of positive reviews online. However, some people were complaining in the reviews since they were not able to use their VISA cards to pay for their meds. Global Pharmacy Canada only accepts MasterCard. People who placed their order were able to receive their products on time. We have pharmacies available in our catalog which offer cheap prices and accept both Mastercard and VISA. This means that you will not be inconvenienced while ordering your drugs. We suggest these stores since they are the only stores which offer great services and deliver products on time. This catalog will save you from rogue stores.