Generic Sildenafil 20mg: Where to Find Affordable Prices?

Sildenafil is a drug that was produced by Pfizer back in 1997 and marketed it under the name of Viagra, a medicine used in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Its use was not limited to treating impotence. Pfizer has also introduced the use of Sildenafil for the treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and marketed a second Sildenafil product line for it which is Revatio.

Also known as a PDE5 or Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor, Sildenafil relaxes the muscles surrounding the walls of the blood vessels allowing them to move increased volumes of blood to various parts of the body. The dilation or the enlargement of the diameter of these blood vessels lowers the blood pressure temporarily and improving the blood circulation. In Erectile Dysfunction, Sildenafil works by increasing the amount of blood that flows to the penis, helping it achieve an erection that is stronger and has longer duration compared to the normal erectile response. Though Sildenafil is an excellent drug, the erection is only possible with a sexual stimulus as Sildenafil in itself does not cause the erections but only enables the body to achieve it.

For Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH), the task that Sildenafil accomplishes is the dilation of the arteries that have already grown thick, which makes the flow of blood to the lungs difficult. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is a serious condition because apart from the dangerous blood pressure levels that it causes, it also makes the heart work harder which is not good, overworking its muscles and subjecting it to stress. This risks the heart of a heart failure which is fatal to the patient. PAH is also a condition that severely weakens the person experiencing it because since the lungs do not receive sufficient amounts of oxygen-carrying blood from the heart, respiration becomes difficult and the lack of oxygen will make the person feeble. Sildenafil treats this condition by enlarging the diameter of the thick arteries, making the blood flow freely from the heart to the lungs, reducing the blood pressure. This action of the drug brings the patient relief as the person will now be able breath properly and the lungs will no longer be deprived of oxygen.

Sildenafil 20mg Cost

Sildenafil is indeed an effective drug but it comes with a price. Since Pfizer has managed to secure patent rights for their Sildenafil, this allowed them to market the drug in key countries like the US without any competition. This allowed them to dominate the market and control the prices for Viagra and Revatio, making these effective medicines expensive to a point where the patients can no longer afford them without insurance coverage or copay from their medical insurance companies. The price for a single pill of Viagra has already reached an all-time high of $72 USD and 30 pills of 20mg Revatio now costs $535 USD.

But the good news is generic Sildenafil 20mg is now available in the market

But the good news is generic Sildenafil 20mg is now available in the market. With the use of the free coupons provided by GoodRx, patients can now avail the affordable and effective generic Sildenafil for only 5% of branded Revatio’s price. These generics are FDA-approved, meaning that their quality and efficacy are no different from their branded equivalent. HealthWarehouse sells the drug online for only $22.50 USD and doesn’t require any free coupons for it. CVS still sells Revatio for $535 USD but with the GoodRx free coupon, customers will be able to avail its generic version for only $26.94 USD. Walmart, Walgreens, and Community also accept free coupons but sells the generic Sildenafil at prices that range from $73 to $165 USD, higher compared to the other local pharmacies. Rite-Aid doesn’t have any free coupons available for its Sildenafil and still sells it at $535 USD flat. Purchasing Sildenafil at online stores is much cheaper than the discounted prices offered by local pharmacies. To find the best online stores for purchasing Sildenafil, customers can check out our list of Top Recommended Pharmacies for safe online shopping.

How to Buy Sildenafil 20mg Online

Aside from the local pharmacies, Sildenafil can also be purchased at online drugstores. Some of them offer you an online consultation to obtain the product. These stores offer customers generic Sildenafil at prices lower than what the local pharmacies give. They provide a convenient ordering system where the customer can make the payments online and receive their purchases from 10 to 15 days in regular AirMail and 7 to 10 days with Express Mail Service. These shipping arrangements are not for free but if the customer will be able to purchase products that will reach a certain amount qualified for free shipping, their orders will be shipped free of charge.

If prescriptions are required for purchasing generic Sildenafil at the local drugstores, most online pharmacies sell them without asking customers for any

If prescriptions are required for purchasing generic Sildenafil at the local drugstores, most online pharmacies sell them without asking customers for any. Online drugstores also give customers big discounts on their purchases especially for large orders and also throws in freebies in the form of free Sildenafil pills added to the customer’s purchase, something that’s not available at local pharmacies.

Though convenient and easy, most customers still prefer to get their generic Sildenafil from local pharmacies as people are afraid of getting scammed. To make sure that the medicines you are getting online are safe, consult our Verified Providers Catalog featuring reliable drugshops with a proven reputation.


Generic Sildenafil is a great help to many patients because they no longer have to pay expensive prices for the branded ones and they can still enjoy the benefits of an effective medicine. Purchasing the affordable generic Sildenafil does not compromise the patient’s health since this drug has the same quality as the branded ones. Patients can get it from their local stores or order it online depending on which they prefer. While ordering Generic Sildenafil 20mg, make sure to double check the background of the vendor of your choice or simply consult our Top-rated e-pharmacy catalog.