Drugstore.com Reviews – Look for Other Alternatives

Drugstore.com is an online website that was launched in the early days of 1999. The products that it sells are mainly health and beauty products that’s why it has the slogan which says “the uncommon drugstore”. Aside from selling over the counter medicines and prescription drugs on the web, Drugstore.com also has a great range of health products such as vitamins, dietary supplements, and beauty products for its clients to choose from. People have greatly enjoyed the services that it offers since Drugstore.com enabled its customers to purchase conveniently from their homes. The year 1999 and even the succeeding years were a time where online shopping of medicines was not yet that popular. Drugstore.com made life a lot easier for many people by allowing them to access their needed products through the internet.

On the same year that Drugstore.com was launched, the large drugstore chain Rite Aid entered into a strategic partnership with it that lasted for ten years. It has allowed the customers of Drugstore.com to pick up their prescriptions at the stores of Rite Aid and it also allowed Drugstore.com to sell the products of Rite Aid on its site. General Nutrition Center (GNC) also partnered with Drugstore.com that allowed the site to sell its products on the web. Due to its effectiveness as an online store, Walgreens has set its eyes on Drugstore.com and purchased the company for $409 million back in March 2011. But eventually, Walgreens had to shut Drugstore.com down due to its strategic focus of maintaining its very own Walgreens.com site. Drugstore.com has now ceased to exists but the customer reviews for its great service can still be found online. Here are just some of the reviews for the site coming from its satisfied clients:


Drugstore.com Customer Reviews

A review made by a customer named Gatsby11 was dated October 17, 2015, and it’s a 5-star review for Drugstore.com. He simply loves shopping at this online medicine shop as it has made his life so much easier. He just can’t say anything negative about the store even if he tried because the benefits that he has received are just too many. Drugstore.com has a great rewards system for its customers where clients reap extra benefits as they shop. The rewards that they earn simply give more value to their money. According to Gatsby11, the shipping of the products that he has ordered from Drugstore.com arrive very quick and it’s also very easy to make reorders on its website. Using the site was just very convenient for him as he no longer visits his local drugstore, all of his orders are delivered to him by Drugstore.com. His life has become simpler with the help of this site.

A client named Shane West also commends Drugstore.com for its exemplary service which made his life a lot easier. For Shane, Drugstore.com is simply the best for making all the products that can be found on a drugstore accessible through the web. Every imaginable product that is sold at the local pharmacies is available at Drugstore.com which provides its customers the convenience of staying at home. They can simply order from their computers and their purchases will be delivered to their address. Due to this excellent service, Shane has remained a loyal customer to Drugstore.com for many years.

Bradford Lubbock has nothing but good things to say for Drugstore.com. He also gave it a 5-star review even if his previous experience was a problem that he has encountered from its service. He lauds the service given by Drugstore.com as “top notch” even if the items that he has ordered did not arrive. What Drugstore.com did to make it up to him was give him a full refund for those purchases that were not delivered and also gave him store credits that he can use for his future orders.

Drugstore.com Website

The website of Drugstore.com is no longer accessible as it has already been closed down by Walgreens. Although it was a good site to buy many great beauty and health products, Walgreens had to close it down since it has a website of its own which is Walgreens.com. Buyers can instead go to the site of Walgreens if they are trying to find the products which they previously bought at Drugstore.com. It was not made clear by Walgreens if the offers and benefits which are offered at Drugstore.com will be carried over to its own site. Many customers regret that Drugstore.com’s site had to be shut down since it was an exceptional online pharmacy store.

Drugstore.com Free Shipping

Customers of Drugstore.com can get free shipping and other tremendous offers such as discounts by using coupon codes on their purchases. Below are just some of the coupons available for the site, back when it was still active:


Drugstore.com Coupons

In using these coupons, customers can have benefits like getting cash-back deals, 50% price-offs and free shipping of their orders by simply using the online promo codes on the checkout page as they pay for their orders. Unfortunately, only one coupon can be used at a time and customers should choose the coupon code that best suits their needs.

Drugstore.com Alternative

When it comes to online pharmacies, there are basically thousands of viable alternatives on the web for Drugstore.com and finding the most reliable one is not easy. But for clients who are simply looking for savings, the best online pharmacies would be the Canadian internet drugstores. These pharmacies are great alternatives to Drugstore.com because not only do they provide high-quality products, they also sell them at very affordable prices. Customers can get for as much as 90% savings here and the quality of the meds that they will get are also excellent.


Drugstore.com might have been a great online source for medicine and beauty care needs but it’s already shut down by Walgreens, its owner, so people have to look for other alternatives. The reviews for this site is great and many customers regret that it has to stop its operation as Walgreens will be focusing its efforts on its very own site. But for reliable alternatives to Drugstore.com, customers can visit our top recommended providers.