Depression In Men And Women

The depression today is supposed to be a very serious but however an easy treatable and general medical condition. This is a very general problem that it can easily strike to anyone regardless of the fact like age, socioeconomic status, ethnic background,or the gender. However the depression in few cases may also go unrecognized completely by those person who already have it or some time in future have suffered from it or their families / friends have it or even sometime their physicians. The man today in particular, is unlikely to agree from the depressive symptoms then also disagrees from seeking help from anybody in this regard. But depression problem in the men today is not only just an uncommon problem but a greatest one.

The problem of depression appears to the person in very many different forms. In few cases it just also does come up with the other problems like heart disease. There are also a lot of symptoms of depressive disorders. However this is also a true fact that not every person who is suffering from the problems of depression goes to have the same symptoms. Instead everyone might have different symptoms.

Today more and more research facts are needed in order to properly understand all the aspects of the depression in the men, which is also including how the men responds to the stress and the feelings associated with the depression and how they make them more and more comfortable and acknowledging to these feelings and hence also getting the required help they ever needed. This is also needed to train the physicians in order to better recognizing and then treatingthe depression problems in men completely.

Depression in women

The problem of depression is not only for the men but women do also suffer from the depression related problems.

Depression is known to be a very serious condition that for sure can impact on the every area or every aspect of your life. Sometime it can also affect to your social life, your relationships, your career, and sometime also the sense of self-worth and the purpose. And sometime for the women in particular, the depression becomes a very severe and common problem. In fact, the data shown according to National Mental Health Association that around one in each and every eight women are supposed to develop the depression or related problems at one or other point in her complete lifetime.

The symptoms and everything is however similar but there are a few things special in women which are feltespecially by the women. Winter depressive problems because of low level of sun light and the seasonal and affective disorder are more common among the women.