Treating Arthritis With Yoga

Arthritis is such a prevalent disease that we tend to take it for granted and not too seriously. In fact in the USA alone there are some 75 million sufferers and this number is growing each year (1 in 4). It comes in many forms but the two most common forms of arthritis are osteo […]

Strep throat and pregnancy

For most women, pregnancy can be a period of excitement and apprehension. It can be quite difficult to deal with the multiple changes in the body. It even is depressing to get sick with a bacterial infection like strep throat. However, strep throat and pregnancy is not known to be a problematic tandem. Expectant mothers […]

Depression In Men And Women

The depression today is supposed to be a very serious but however an easy treatable and general medical condition. This is a very general problem that it can easily strike to anyone regardless of the fact like age, socioeconomic status, ethnic background,or the gender. However the depression in few cases may also go unrecognized completely […]

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