Non Prescription Online Pharmacy Reviews – Will You Get What You Need?

There are thousands of websites that claim to offer pharmacy services. After investigating these websites, NABP reports that there are less than a 10th of the pharmacies which offer genuine services and medication. The rest 90% are fake pharmacies that look so real. One trend that we have recognized after observing the majority of the people who want to source their meds on the web is that these people want to get the drugs without going through the doctor’s office to get a prescription. Due to the presence of numerous pharmacies that are fake and the numerous cases of people getting scammed, people want to know if there are great pharmacies that sell drugs without asking for a prescription.

Non Prescription Online Pharmacy Reviews - Will You Get What You Need?
Prescription Drugs

Another thing that we have noticed is that fake pharmacies are capitalizing on the fact that people need to order their drugs without having a prescription. Most of the pharmacies that we have investigated that are using the word “Non-prescription” as a marketing term have turned out to be disappointingly fake and looking to rip people off. If they don’t rip you off your hard-earned cash, they will sell you fake meds which is even worse than ripping you off.

Are Non-Prescription Online Pharmacies Safe

We decided to provide a better solution to this question. To do this, we searched Quora for a solution in order to get a look at what different people from different parts of the world had to say. The following are the answers that we were able to find.

Buying Prescription Drugs Online

The above Quora user says that he is assuming that anyone looking to get prescription drugs without a prescription is looking to get controlled or monitored drugs. He says that the short answer is that you can’t get them without the act being illegal. He says that the drugs that you can purchase without a prescription are over the counter meds. He claims that he lives in the Philippines.

Purchasing Meds on the Web

Dan says that there is nowhere to find a safe pharmacy to sell you prescription drugs without a prescription script. He says that prescription drugs require a prescription script. He claims that a drugstore that agrees to sell you Rx drugs even if you lack a prescription is illegal. He says that you should not trust what they are selling to you.

Buying Drugs Online

Matt says that you don’t purchase prescription drugs without an actual valid prescription script. He says that reputable sources will not dispense the drugs if you lack an Rx script. Matt reports that non-reputable sources will sell you garbage that does not even contain the right active ingredient. The meds will be most likely defective or expired. They will not work the way you need them to work to. They will damage your health even more.

From the above answers, not unless you are buying over the counter drugs, you need to avoid pharmacies that promise to deliver prescription drugs to you without needing a prescription from you. If you order from such pharmacies, you will end up receiving fake meds which may damage your health.

Online Pharmacy Reviews

Now that we are clear that buying prescription meds online without a prescription is not a really good idea, the question that people who want to purchase great meds will ask themselves is whether there are any quality pharmacies. To answer this question in the best way, we will look at reviews from people who have bought their meds online. Their experience will help you answer your question.

Online Pharmacy Reviews

Rene says that a support staff member known as Kristen was great and extremely helpful. She informed him of the discount coupons and helped him navigate the website to get the most out of his experience. Rene has been using the Online pharmacy for several years now.

The second reviewer had just placed his first order. He had several questions about the procedure. Carly helped him. T-Alan is very satisfied. He had never ordered drugs online before. A customer support member known as Roseanne was very helpful. His order was correct and it was shipped very quickly. He enjoyed the customer service.

The fourth reviewer claims that so far, he has been very pleased with the ordering process, pricing, and shipping speed. He says that he will follow up with another review after using the meds and seeing if they work. The website works fine and it allowed him to upload a prescription quickly.

The above reviews prove that there are really great pharmacies available on the web. The problem is locating them in a web that is filled with fake pharmacies. We have managed to separate the real and genuine pharmacies and placed them on our top-rated catalog so that you can use them and save your money and health.

Mail Order Online Pharmacy

Don’t believe every pharmacy that tells you they will deliver your meds via mail order. Fake pharmacies are realizing that this is the trend and they are using it to lure in more people so that they can scam them. If you are using a genuine pharmacy to order your meds online, the maximum number of days that you will have to wait is 28 days. On average the pharmacies in our catalog deliver their meds via mail order within a period of 21 or fewer days. This saves you from having to wait for long.


From what we have already seen, it is clear that ordering your meds online from an online pharmacy that promises to deliver them without asking for a prescription even if the drugs themselves are Rx drugs is not a good idea. You will end up receiving fake drugs. The drugs that you should buy without a prescription are over the counter drugs. If you would like to save more than 90% of the money that you are currently paying in your local store, we have a catalog of the best online pharmacies. Use these pharmacies.

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