Canadian Pharmacy Reviews Consumer Reports – Are There Safe Canadian Pharmacies?

Any conversation regarding online pharmacies is usually dominated by Canadian pharmacies. These are among the best drug stores to source your meds from. People have realized that scammers are also using Canada as their location on their phony sites in order to attract and steal from buyers. It is because of this reason people want to know which Canadian pharmacy is fake and which one is real. Among the top factors which anyone can observe to determine whether a drugstore is real or fake, there are reviews. This is why people want to read reviews belonging to Canadian drug store sites.

Canadian Pharmacy Reviews Consumer Reports - Are There Safe Canadian Pharmacies?
Canadian Pharmacy Meds

Before scammers realized that using fake drugstore sites on the web could help them steal from people who are eager to buy their meds online, it used to be safe to purchase medications on the web. However, nowadays it is reported that approximately 35,000 stores that sell drugs reside on the web. Out of this number, 95% are fake. On a daily basis, a minimum of twenty new drug stores adds themselves to the already existing scam sites. This can tell you that you have to be very cautious.

Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

People are already aware that Canadian pharmacies have the ability to save them a large amount of cash. As a matter of fact, after comparing the prices that local stores offer to their customers and those being offered by Canadian pharmacies, we determined that Canadian pharmacies were over 80% cheaper. But, for you to get genuine meds and still keep 80% of your money, you need to buy the meds from a genuine online pharmacy. There are Canadian pharmacies which offer genuine services and drugs. to prove this to you, we have their reviews:

Canadian Pharmacy Testimonials

As you can see, the above reviewers have rated the Canadian pharmacy they used to source their meds 5 stars. This tells you they were overly satisfied with the drugs and services they received. Davo confesses that he never thought that buying medications from a Canadian pharmacy would ever work for him. He says that the local prices forced him to try and see whether the Canadian pharmacies would deliver. He was prescribed to Cialis in order to help him with treating both BPH and ED. He found his insurance was not covering the medication and he would have to pay $400 for a 30 day supply. This was too much for him. He found a Canadian pharmacy that would offer him an 84-day supply for only $274.

After dealing with the online pharmacy he says that he received great customer service. His medication was shipped within a period of 24 hours after he finally used his credit card to pay for the meds. These drugs arrived in 11 days which according to him was pretty great. The pharmacy never took his money until his order had been shipped. He says that the medications which arrived had the same quality as the meds which the United States pharmacies required him to pay 400 dollars for a 30 day supply.

Lim enjoyed the fact that it was easy for him to use the Canadian website to search for his meds. Just like Davo, Lim was also not very sure that he wanted to buy drugs online. However, he was reassured by the great privacy policy featured on the Canadian drugstore website. He did not regret buying his meds from the online pharmacy.

The above reviews are applicable to a very small portion of Canadian pharmacies. If you are willing to pay the least amount of money and also use genuine Canadian pharmacies, check our catalog. We only have investigated and proven Canadian pharmacies in this catalog.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

Erectile dysfunction is a condition caused by factors which are not always within men’s control. What men have the ability to control is whether they can have a perfect and healthy sex life or they can’t. Local stores have always been forcing men to suffer silently since they sell Viagra at a price that is hard for many men to afford. They sell a pill at 70 dollars. Online pharmacies sell the same medication at far much cheaper prices. Here are the prices for brand Viagra online in the Canadian pharmacies:

Canadian Pharmacy Brand Viagra Cost

The drug will cost you a maximum of $18.51 and a minimum of $14.70. This saves you between 73.56% and 79%. The above prices might be still too high for some people. There are better and lower prices offered if you buy generic Viagra. Here are the prices for generic Viagra:

Canadian Pharmacy Generic Viagra Price

You will note that the highest price available for generic Viagra is $3.61. You pay the highest price if you purchase the smallest Viagra package. The bigger the package you buy, the less the amount of money you have to pay. People who buy the 360-pill package only have to pay $1.01 for a tablet. Generic Viagra will save you over 90%.

Canadian Pharmacy Payment

The best method of paying for your meds in Canadian drugs stores operating on the web is for you to use a credit card. What we have realized is that the larger percentage of online drug stores which try to force their customers to pay using methods they know they can’t recover their money such as western union, wire transfers, and bitcoin always turn out to be scam sites. Credit card companies will let you dispute your charges in the future. Therefore, stick with using credit cards as your mode of payment.


You will not get a better chance to save money on your meds than when you buy these meds in the Canadian pharmacies. The only thing you have to do is avoid scam sites. Reviews are of the factors you should consider to ensure that a Canadian pharmacy is worth buying from. We have investigated numerous pharmacies located in Canada and placed the ones which have the best reviews in our catalog. Use the pharmacies in our top-rated list for you to be safe.

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