Canada Drugs Online Review – A Reliable Online Pharmacy

Canada Drugs Online is a reliable online pharmacy that has been approved by the bodies that regulate the operations of online pharmacies including CIPA and Pharmacy Checker. The headquarters of the pharmacy is located in British Columbia and is duly licensed to offer the services of a pharmacy.

The drugs sold at are sourced from Canadian drug manufacturers and other credible multinational drug making companies which are located in Singapore, Turkey, the UK, and New Zealand as well. You can, therefore, be assured that you will not miss a drug from your favorite manufacturer as the pharmacy strives to have all the drugs in stock. stocks both brand and generic medication and you will have the option of choosing the one that works best for you in conjunction with your doctor. When your doctor is writing down the prescription, you can ask if it would be okay to have the cheaper generic version instead of buying the expensive brand drug. If he gives his consent, you will be saving more on your prescription drugs and you will still get the needed relief. Front

A lot of customers have had a positive experience with the pharmacy; Edmeister is one of the customers and he says that the customer service is very good and the transactions with the pharmacy were pleasant as well. He was able to receive the drugs he had ordered after three weeks and he is happy that they were effective in treating his erectile dysfunction. Granny has given a 5* rating as he has been extremely satisfied with their services for the past three years. He is able to save more on his prescription medications since the price is lower than what he would have paid with the help of an insurance.

Gwenn has been a customer at the pharmacy for many years and he says that the quality of the medications he receives from them is the same as the ones sold in local pharmacies. The shipping of the drugs is also done on time and they ensure that he always gets the drugs he ordered. Rose has been a customer at for many years and she has never had a problem with them. She is sad that the pharmacy changed their payment method and they no longer accept credit card and as a result, she has decided to choose another online pharmacy to buy medications from.

Canada Drugs Online Customer Reviews

The price of drugs at Canada Drugs Online is quite affordable and customers are happy that they can comfortably pay for drugs they could not have previously afforded to pay. Their delivery is also timely, which is a great way of ensuring that the customers who buy from them never exhaust their prescription drugs before a fresh supply is shipped to them.

How to Order From Canada Drugs Online

To order from Canada Drugs Online, you will log into the pharmacy’s website and write down the name of the drug in the search box provided to find out if it is in stock.

If the drug is available, you will click on it and add it to cart

If you are a new customer, you will log into your account and continue to fill in the details of the payment method you will use in paying for the drugs.

If you are a new client, you will sign up and provide details that will be used in opening an account the will be used in the purchasing process.

For prescription drugs, you will be required to print a prescription form which will be faxed to the pharmacy after your doctor has filled in the required details regarding the drugs.

In case an issue arises in the process of placing the order, the customer service team is always ready to help.

After the payment is approved, an email will be sent to you regarding the dispatch of your order and you will be updated on the progress of the shipping process.

Canada Drugs Online Prices

When you buy drugs from Canada Drugs Online pharmacy, you will be able to save more than 70% of the cost of your prescription medication as a result of the following:

  • The federal regulators in Canada control the prices of drugs in Canada and every pharmacy must abide by the set prices. This will ensure that the prices of drugs in Canada Drugs Online will always remain low.
  • Canada has put measures in place to ensure that patent right of brand drugs manufacturers do not last as long as it does in other countries. This will ensure that the generic companies will be able to manufacture generic forms of the brand medication sooner making the prices of drugs in Canada always cheap.
  • Canada Drugs Online buys their medication from several multinational companies who offer great discounts on the medications. The discounts are then passed on to the customers which makes the prices quite low.
  • There is also the issue of competition among different online pharmacies with each pharmacy striving hard to ensure that they set their prices as low as possible to attract new customers and ensure that the old customers keep buying from them.

Is Canada Drugs Online Legit?

Canada Drugs Online is a certified online pharmacy which operates under the strict guidelines set by the regulatory bodies. Such bodies include Pharmacy Checker, CIPA, Credit Card safe, and Geotrust. This means that every drug stocked by this pharmacy is original and will work well in the relief of various complications.

The orders are processed by a certified pharmacist who ensures that only what has been prescribed is dispensed. The pharmacist also offers advice on drug interactions and advise clients on the best way to take the drugs for best results.

Customers who have been buying drugs from the pharmacy all give positive feedback regarding the services received at the pharmacy. This is a proof that the pharmacy is not a fraud but a credible source of effective medication.

Regulatory bodies that have certified the pharmacy as legit


Canada Drugs Online is a legitimate pharmacy that is set on providing high-quality medication at cheap prices. This is an effort to ensure that those who cannot afford to pay for insurance covers can still pay for their medication. The process of purchasing has also been simplified to ensure that one will not have to waste a lot of time trying to navigate through the pharmacy’s website. You should remain alert when dealing with online pharmacies to ensure that you do not get lured into buying fake drugs. If you need help in choosing a credible online pharmacy to buy drugs from, check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies.

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