Canada Rx Connection – Transact With This Store At Your Own Risk

Canada Rx Connection is another online pharmacy featuring the term “Canada” in its domain. Unlike other online pharmacies though, is actually operating from Canada, and according to the store, from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Information for this online pharmacy states that the shop has started its operations in 2002, which means that it is one of the earliest web pharmacies in the market.

This shop, Canada Rx Connection, is not an actual web drugstore. It is actually referred to as an online pharmacy prescription service, a store that mainly gathers orders from consumers and forwards the orders to local pharmacies associated with the shop. According to Canada Rx Connection, all of the drugstores linked to it are fully licensed regardless of their location (Canada, Australia, India, Turkey, the United States, New Zealand, or Vanuatu).

Although the shop Canada Rx Connection is pretty much like other online pharmacies, Canada Rx Connection does not parade its products on its homepage. Instead, the shop has a dedicated search function for consumers to use. Another peculiar detail about Canada Rx Connection is that it does not allow buyers to cart the products unless they are registered. To order products on Canada Rx Connection, consumers have to go to one specific “order now page” and fill in the details of an order form. After the keying in the details, the consumers are allowed to shop their meds on the store.

Even if the products on Canada Rx Connection are not visible, I was able to discover some of the famous medicines on the platform – meds that were the most popular with the consumers included products for impotence, hair loss, blood pressure management, fertility, and a few more items. Most of the products sold by the shop are generic by nature; however, Canada Rx Connection is also selling brand name products whenever the generic alternatives are unavailable. Concerning prescriptions, consumers are instructed to provide their medicine prescriptions whenever ordering from the shop, in compliance with international regulations governing drug purchases.

The shop takes payments through credit cards (VISA, AMEX, Discover, and MasterCard). As for the shipping, the store only ships medicines to consumers in the United States and charges a flat rate of $15 for all its items. The transit time of orders can take up to 28 days depending on the courier and shipping conditions.

Canada Rx Connection does not allow returns due to the nature of the items sold by the shop. However, Canada Rx Connection processes refunds and reshipments whenever applicable and whenever available. Buyers can contact Canada Rx Connection through the following details:

Canada Rx Connection

1203 Richard Ave

Winnipeg, MB

R3E 3H3


Toll-Free Phone: 1-866-247-2323
Toll-Free Fax: 1-866-896-7099
Email: [email protected]

Canada Rx Connection Reviews

Canada Rx Connection is somewhat unique since it does not have on-site reviews like the common online pharmacies. This store has external comments from its former buyers although the number of reviews for this shop is extremely underwhelming – it only has 1 review on BBB, a business platform allowing customer reviews.

Canada Rx Connection Review

Canada Rx Connection Review

According to one BBB verified reviewer named Marvin (who posted his review on September 2016), the shop offered him excellent service and even allowed him to save 60% on his medicines. His order was successful and hence advised the consumers to provide the correct information for their orders in order for them to enjoy the shop’s benefits.

Canada Rx Connection Review

Canada Rx Connection Review

Canada Rx Connection also had another review from a review platform Reseller Ratings and from a happy client. Mjd, a top reviewer on the platform, gave Canada Rx Connection 5/5 points for its excellent service. According to this user, Canada Rx Connection is a legitimate store that gave him huge discounts for his order, hence allowing him to maximize his savings.

Canada Rx Connection 2018

Although the shop Canada Rx Connection had sparse (but good) comments from the previous years, the store had a complaint about its service from a consumer called “Skyhag”. Here’s his complaint:

Canada Rx Connection Complaint:

Canada Rx Connection Complaint:

According to him, Canada Rx Connection took more than a month to fulfill his prescription and the shop refused to fill in his prescriptions because it was “late”, despite the fact that it was the shop’s fault. This user gave the store only 1/5 stars and warned about the shop’s ploy.

Although Canada Rx Connection has been around for ages, the store seemed not to have a substantial number of reviews that may attest to its integrity as an online pharmacy. For me, this is something I am slightly concerned about.

Canada Rx Connection Codes

There are no existing promotional offers on Canada Rx Connection. I have tried to look for coupons and other deals, but there are no signs of buyer offers on Canada Rx Connection for some reason. I was at least expecting bulk discounts for consumers, but it appears that Canada Rx Connection doesn’t have these discounts as well.


Canada Rx Connection is a Canadian prescription service that may be mistaken for an online drugstore. It caters only to consumers in the United States and supplies medicines only to consumers with valid prescriptions. Although Canada Rx Connection claims to have had a long service, the store did not have sufficient proof of its long web tenure considering its limited reviews. Transact with this store at your own risk.