Canada Pharmacy Review: Is There a Canadian Pharmacy You Can Trust?

Canadian pharmacies have been offering their services on the web for more than a decade now. The oldest online drugstore operating from Canada we have come across was founded back in 1997. This means there has been a pharmacy from Canada for more than 2 decades. However, it is just recently people have begun to find out that they have been overpaying for their meds. The same meds have been available in the online Canadian pharmacies all along. The drugs in the Canadian pharmacies would cost them over 90% cheaper. The following price list has the prices for some of the most common prescription meds being sold in Canada. It should prove to you that your drugs can cost way less than what you are currently paying for them at the local pharmacy:

The web has one huge flaw: it allows scammers to hide behind their good-looking websites and steal from people. The scammers have invested into creating nice looking sites which resemble real Canadian pharmacies. It is for this reason you have to be extremely careful when you are buying your meds from an online Canadian pharmacy. A major factor you should consider is the customer testimonials that a Canadian pharmacy has.

Canada Pharmacy Reviews

If a Canadian pharmacy is worth using, it should have nice customer testimonials. We decided to let you realize that there are Canadian pharmacies which are worth both your time and money. To do this, we had to find customer testimonials the customers who have shopped from the pharmacies have left. The reviews we have included here are for a pharmacy that has been operating on the web for more than 17 years.

Online-Pills Pharmacy

Online-Pills Pharmacy

The drugstore is known as Online Pills pharmacy.

Canadian Pharmacy Testimonials

Canadian Pharmacy Testimonials

The first reviewer says that he enjoyed the quick service that the Online Pills customer support department offered him. The agents were very helpful. He had been trying to get the website to process his order to no avail. when he called the online pharmacy customer support department and explained his issue, the support agents helped him place his order. The delivery was very fast. He indicates that he had opted for a regular delivery and the meds still arrived quickly.

The second reviewer indicates that he likes Online Pills. He says that the pharmacy does not just ship your drugs and then keep quiet. The pharmacy will always keep you updated. The drugs are usually sent very fast. The meds that Alex received had the quality that he had been looking for.

Mark has ordered twice from Online Pills while in France. One thing that pleases him is the fact that the deliveries are always very fast. the meds always arrived in a period that never exceeded 10 days. He did not have any problems with the customs. The quality of the products that he received was great.

The above reviews apply to Online Pills pharmacy only. For this reason, don’t trust all the Canadian pharmacies available online. Focus only on using proven Canadian drug stores. All the other pharmacies will rip you off and then disappear or they will send you fake meds which will have a negative effect on your health.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

Sildenafil citrate is a medication that most of the men who need it cannot afford at the local pharmacies. We found that the pill costs 70 dollars on average At Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS. The same brand Pill has the following price in the Canadian pharmacies:

Canada Pharmacy Brand Viagra Price

Canada Pharmacy Brand Viagra Price

The first four pills are the most expensive if you look at their price in terms of how much a single pill will cost you. One pill is worth $9.14. However, if you do purchase the largest package that has 120 pills in it, you get the chance to pay as little as $3.38 for a pill. Irrespective of the package that you purchase, you will always get a chance to save over 80% on your brand Viagra.

Canada Pharmacy Generic Viagra Cost

Canada Pharmacy Generic Viagra Cost

If you are on a tight budget and prefer a medication that has the same functionality as brand Viagra but costs less, you can buy generic Viagra. The highest price you will have to pay is $3.61. This price reduces when the number of pills you are adding to your cart goes up. The users who get the chance to save the most money will purchase a package that has 360 pills in it.

Don’t judge a pharmacy based on the amount of money they are asking for medications. You will find scam pharmacies with extremely cheap Viagra prices. We advise our readers to only use pharmacies proven to be 100% genuine. Online Pills pharmacy is one of the best pharmacies that we have come across so far.

Canada Pharmacy Mail Order

One thing that sets an online pharmacy apart from the others is the time it takes to deliver your med to you. Reputable Canadian pharmacies deliver medications within a period of 2 to 3 weeks. The drugs will arrive while packaged in a discreet package in order to keep everything inside private and confidential. The drugs will be replaced via a free reshipment if they happen to get lost on the way before they reach you.


Never judge a Canadian pharmacy based on its looks. Instead, use factors such as its reviews and its accreditation by regulatory bodies. Pharmacies operating legally in Canada are supposed to be regulated by CIPA. A pharmacy has to be accredited by CIPA for it to be considered safe to use. You should not waste your time while trying to locate a Canadian pharmacy you can use. We have done all this to help you. The best Canadian pharmacy that you can use is Online Pills. This pharmacy has been offering its services on the web for close to decades and there are zero complaints about its services online. You will get any type of medication that you need at Online Pills.