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Canadian drugstores are probably one of the best things that ever happened to the lives of patients who were struggling with the expensive prices of their prescription drugs. Just when people have thought that they have no way out of the dilemma brought by costly medicine prices at local pharmacies, Canada drugstores that offer alternatives of the same quality but of cheaper prices have come to become the answer that they are looking for.

Medicine prices at Canadian drugstores have always been cheap. Unlike in the US where drug prices have gradually increased to the point where customers can no longer afford to continue their treatment even with insurance, the drug costs from these stores have basically stayed low. The problem with the US is that they don’t regulate the drug prices and the drug makers can set their desired prices for their products, making it a big problem for the consumers. Canada, on the other hand, has a regulatory committee on its government that’s the one who decides how much the medicines should be for the benefit of the people, making them affordable for all. Because of this, the medicine prices at Canada stayed cheap and customers from the US and even from other countries get their drugs from Canadian drugstores.

Online Pills is one of the Canadian drugstores on the web with the best prices for its products. It has been around since 2001 and has continued to be a reliable source for medicines of good quality. Its assortment of drugs is quite huge, offering customers many choices to select from. Both branded medicines and generics are available here as well as over the counter and prescription medicines. Its site is also simple and easy to navigate which helps customers to easily access the option that they need to select. On the front page of Online Pills are its bestsellers and it is where its most frequently bought medicines are. The right part of its page is where the customers will be able to find the search box where they can just put the name of the medicine that they need to find it in no time. Just below the list of its bestselling medicines will the customers find its numerous drug categories for patients to find their meds based on the health condition that they’re used for.

The meds at Online Pills are mostly generic medicines, drugs which have the same active ingredients, potency, and formulation as their branded counterparts but are manufactured by different pharma companies. Customers shouldn’t worry about the quality of these drugs as Online Pills only source them from Good Manufacturing Practice-certified drug manufacturers. Prior to being added to their selection of meds, Online Pills have also made sure that these drugs have passed the strict quality and safety checks by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure the safety of the patients that will be using them. The safety and effectiveness of these generic drugs are not the only benefits that the customers will get but the savings as well since the price of generic drugs are much lower than branded drugs. Buyers can get potential savings of up to 90% by getting their generic meds at online pills.

Other than the quality drugs offered by Online Pills at cheap prices, its clients can also get additional benefits such as discount deals and freebies. A 10% discount is available as long as they’ll be able to purchase drugs with a total amount of $200 and their orders will be shipped without any charges. Buyers can also get discounts in making bulk purchases and free pills are also given by Online Pills to each of its customer every time they order.

Buy Prescription Drugs Online Without

Unlike local pharmacies that require their customers to provide prescriptions before they are allowed to purchase their prescription medicines, it’s no longer a requirement at online pharmacies. Though not all online pharmacies have this as their practice as some online pharmacies still have it as a requirement, majority of online pharmacy sites on the web allow their customers to purchase their prescription meds freely without providing scripts. This is actually a big help on the customer’s end as they no longer have to pay their doctors for prescriptions that will allow them to buy their needed medicines. Buyers can just purchase their medications right away, no hassles. It can also be additional savings for the patients which they can use for buying more medicines.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

Viagra is the drug that can always be seen on the top of the bestsellers list of Canadian pharmacies. It is available in branded and generic versions but what the customers love buying is its generic versions because of their cheaper prices. Prices of branded Viagra start at $10 USD per pill while its generics which have the exact similar effects can be bought for as low as $0.27 USD for each pill.

Viagra 50 mg

Viagra 50 mg

Compared to the local pharmacies which sell its branded version for $80 USD per pill and its generics for $40 USD, the generics from Canadian pharmacies are a wiser buy. Viagra’s generic name is sildenafil citrate and this drug has an onset of effect of 1 hour and has effects that last for 5 hours.

Canadian Pharmacy Cialis

The second most popular ED brand after Viagra is Cialis. This drug and its generics are always included on the bestsellers of Canadian pharmacy sites and is also sold at affordable prices.

Cialis 10 mg

Cialis 10 mg

The generic version of this drug can be purchased for as low as $1 USD per pill and the price of the brand from its original manufacturer starts from $10 USD. Its local prices fetch for up to $75 USD per pill, a costly price that not many customers can afford. Its effects linger for up to 36 hours, the longest of all ED pills and has an onset of effect which is 30 minutes.


Whichever angle we try to see it, Canadian drugstores are better medicine sources than the local pharmacies. The quality of the drugs that they offer is just the same as what the local drugstores sell but their gap in prices is huge. Online Pills is the Canadian medicine source that customers can rely on as the prices that it offers are constantly low and benefits they give like discounts and freebies are always available to all. Buyers can also check our top recommended providers for more options.