About Liver Cancer, why it happens

Cancer is a very common disease found today and many patients have lost their lives due to it. Cancer or tumor as we can say can develop in any part of the body. In this article we would be talking about liver cancer and how it happens. Cancer in liver is caused by an abnormal growth of cells in the liver area. This disease is very common in the US and it is seen that this cancer develops because of a cancer in another body part. In short if a patient is suffering from breast or colon cancer he can get liver cancer too.

This type of cancer is very common around the world and it is seen that patients who suffer from it can survive after that for just five years.  Liver cancer can be divided into two kinds namely hepatocellular carcinoma and hepatoma. Patients who are suffering from liver cirrhosis are found to suffer from liver cancer. Although once cannot state why this cancer in the liver occurs there are some factors connected to it. People who smoke or rather who are chain smokers can be prone to this cancer. Also people who are alcohol addicts, obese people etc have the risk of getting affected by liver cancer. There is the primary liver cancer that emerges in the liver itself while the secondary liver cancer is a tumor that develops in other organs besides the liver.

The hepatocellular carcinoma is one type of liver cancer that does not spread to other organs while the other type develops in bile ducts within the liver and is thus called bile duct cancer. The first type is more common among men while the second type is common among women. Cancer is something which can overcome any person. Though technology is advancing and is coming up with new inventions treating the disease called cancer after a certain stage is indeed impossible.

Cancer in any area basically starts with a tumor which goes on increasing and gets divided into multiple cells. Patients must thus take proper care of them and must not neglect any pain experienced by them in any body part. Cancer in its initial stage can be diagnosed by chemotherapy but if the tumor multiplies and reaches the final stage nothing can be done. Liver is one of the largest organs in our body which is round in shape. Liver cancer if detected early and diagnosed early would be best for the patient because otherwise if delayed the patient has to undergo a lot of sufferings.