Do You Need Sildenafil Prescription In Order To Buy Sildenafil Online?

Sildenafil prescription is usually necessary when purchasing sildenafil from a pharmacy store. The prescription is usually given to men with erectile dysfunction by a physician. Sildenafil is the most common drug used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Viagra is the most popular brand name containing sildenafil. Because of the sensitivity of erectile dysfunction, many men affected by it turn to the Internet for information such as whether sildenafil prescription is needed for the purchase of the drug. Unlike Viagra which remains a prescription only medicine (POM) in many places, generic sildenafil can be purchased without a prescription.

 Where to Buy Sildenafil Over the Counter

Just like most businesses, many pharmacies have taken to the Internet to broaden their clientele and market their services. A huge percentage of drugs sold online are over the counter drugs requiring no prescription for sale. While some online pharmacies require sildenafil prescription in order to sell to buyers, others do not. However, before parting with your hard-earned money, make sure you are buying from a reputable pharmacy store. To find reliable suppliers of Sildenafil, consider consulting our list of TOP verified online pharmacies. Some countries have stricter rules than others when it comes to sildenafil, therefore it is possible to purchase a genuine drug without a prescription from countries with laxer rules and have it shipped to your country.

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Where to Buy Real Viagra Online

When conducting an internet search on where to buy sildenafil without sildenafil prescription, you would come across a plethora of websites all promising to provide you with real Viagra (or sildenafil) but should you go for it? As stated previously, because of the popularity of this drug, many counterfeits exist and these are commonly sold online. A counterfeit drug is a drug that contains none, too little or too much of the active ingredient. It may also contain additives that may be harmful to the consumer. If a drug purchased contains little or no active ingredient, then that drug would not be effective; if the active ingredient is too much then the side effects of that drug may be magnified. More often than not, counterfeit drugs are so similar to real drugs that the only way of verifying their authenticity is by carrying out analytical studies in a well-equipped laboratory. Therefore, it is important to take claims of ‘get drugs for erectile dysfunction without sildenafil prescription’ with a pinch of salt.

Getting your medication from a registered physician remains the best way to ensure the authenticity of your drug. In addition to this, sildenafil may have interactions with other drugs such as amyl nitrite and nitroglycerin to result in potentially fatal hypotension. Sildenafil should also be used with caution in people with kidney impairment, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and retinitis pigmentosa. All these are things that would be taken into consideration when your sildenafil is gotten from your physician instead of online.

Precautions and Viagra Side Effects

Once you’ve obtained your sildenafil from a trustworthy source, it is important to be on the lookout for side effects. Although some side effects are mild, you should seek immediate medical attention if you:

• Experience allergic reactions to the drug such as swellings of your face, tongue, and lips, chest tightness or difficulty in breathing.

• Experience priapism (i.e. erection that is painful and lasts longer than four hours)

• Experience symptoms of heart attack such as tightness in the chest, neck and back, lightheadedness, and palpitations.

Also, be on the lookout for tinnitus (ringing in the ear).

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An increasing number of men are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Some preventive measures against erectile dysfunction are as follows

√ Try to keep your weight within a healthy range. Obesity is a risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes and diabetes has been linked to erectile dysfunction in a number of studies.

√ Watch your cardiovascular health. The cardiovascular system is responsible for the circulation of blood in the body, therefore, cardiovascular conditions such as atherosclerosis may affect the blood flow to the penis and result in erectile dysfunction. Dietary modifications are a valuable preventive measure against many diseases and recent studies have shown that adopting a Mediterranean diet can serve as a preventive measure against erectile dysfunction.

√ Stop smoking. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor (meaning it causes blood vessels to constrict, and for an erection to occur blood vessels should relax). The damage to blood vessels by nicotine may be permanent; this is why it is important to stop smoking as soon as possible.

√ Manage stress. In today’s fast-paced world, stress may seem inevitable. Under stressful conditions, adrenaline is released which causes the blood vessels to constrict and in turn, may affect erection. Therefore, chronic stress may predispose a person to erectile dysfunction.


In 2018, men in the United Kingdom would be able to buy Viagra without prescription. Whilst this is a step in the right direction, for other countries where a prescription is still required in order for a pharmacist to dispense the drug, it is important to stick to the law. This is because the chances of buying a counterfeit product online (especially when no sildenafil prescription is required) are very high. Counterfeit sildenafil has been found to contain substances such as lead, rat poison, printer’s ink and floor wax. Visual impairment and other serious adverse effects have been reported after taking counterfeit sildenafil which is why it is important to get the drug using prescription. Purchase your Sildenafil products only from the trusted provider with a confirmed reputation. You can find a comprehensive catalog of reviewed Online Pharmacies with verified reputation on our site.