Your Partner in Accessing Affordable Medications from Canadian Pharmacies is an online service that acts as a mediator between pharmacies and customers who want to order their medicines online. considers their service as the direct line of customers towards affordable medication. They serve customers in the US but their partner pharmacies are based in Canada.

Pharmstore Store Front has collaborated with Canadian pharmacies that offer prescription and non-prescription medicines. They also offer pet medicines. Their goal is to provide the lowest priced medicines to everyone.

Why choose Pharmstore instead of dealing directly with online pharmacies?

  • All of their partner pharmacies are CIPA member
  • All of their partner pharmacies are Pharmacy Checker approved
  • They use a secure SSL connection to protect their customers’ privacy and information
  • They partner with online pharmacies that offer high-quality medicines
  • Pharmstore offers customers support that is present 24/7 Reviews

According to their website, is the most reliable and trusted partner when it comes to ordering medicines online. Importation of medicines in the US is not allowed which means that US citizens need to travel to the Canadian border in order to purchase affordable medicines. Canada is known for its cheap yet effective medicines and this is what Americans are trying to go after with.  With the introduction of Pharmstore, a US citizen can now purchase cheap medicines online and have it delivered to them.

Is it too good to be true? Here are some of the reviews we found from users of Pharmstore.

Pharmstore Reviews

One review we found was from Maxine Klein who gave the website a 5-star rating. On his comment, he added that the staff was helpful and his order was delivered on time. He also understands the price and why their drugs are more expensive than what other pharmacies are offering.

We also found a review shared by Sandy who also gave the store a 5-star review. On the review, he said that using the site was very easy. Another 5-star rating was shared by Philip who said that he never had an issue with Phamstore. He added that all of his orders arrived on time and that he highly recommends this site.

A 4-star rating was awarded to from Robert who said that he did receive his order. Robert didn’t leave a reason as to why the rating was just 4 stars.

As far as customer reviews are concerned, it looks like the service offered by are good and working. Coupon Codes

Promotional codes are used to promote a website. Promotional codes are normally applied at the end of the ordering process or during check out. As of this writing, we were unable to find any promotional code that customers can use in buying from Pharmstore. Pharmstore allows one use of coupon per order and it is not available for use if you are using a referral program.

Saving with Pharmstore

Saving with

For now, the promotion that Pharmstore has is the 5% off they give to customers who are placing orders and paying with cashier’s check, personal check and money order. This promotion is valid for orders placed online and is the only promotion that can be used for another type of available promotions (if there are any available).

Lastly, the offer a referral promotion and incentive. If you refer a friend, you can get a certain percentage off your next order. For more information about this promotion, you can contact Pharmstore at [email protected] They can be reached via 1-800-281-8347 and thru fax at 1-866-454-2734. Products’s products are the same products that its partner online pharmacies are offering. The processing center of Pharmstore are located in Canada hence the price of the medicines they offer are very affordable. They ship these orders to their American and international customers. offers popular prescription and over the counter medicines. For prescription drugs, they offer Avodart, Azopt, Actos, Bystolic, Celebrex, Cymbalta, Diovan among others. If you knew the name of the drug you need, you can just search it using the search box. As for non-prescription drugs, you can just click on the non-prescription category and you can find its long list of over the counter medicines.

If you are looking for medicines prescribed to your pet, Pharmstore can also give it to you.


Why choose If you are in the US, then you know that ordering medicines outside the country is prohibited. You also know that the cost of medicines in the US is more expensive as compared to medicines outside the country such as in Canada and Europe. This is the reason why more Americans are trying to order their prescription medicines from Canada and Europe. This is not an easy thing to do though because of federal restrictions and is the best option that you can have.

With Pharmstore, you can now order you medicines and have it safely delivered to your home. Among the benefits of ordering from this store are:

  • Get your hands on cheaper medications as compared to those you can buy from the US
  • They offer free shipping across the US
  • They can be reached in different manners such as phone, chat, email, and fax. Their phone number is 1-800-281-8347 and their fax number is 1-866-454-2734. Their email address is [email protected] and they have a ‘contact us’ page for those who cannot call or chat them. In addition, a live chat support team is always on standby to answer any queries that a customer might have. exhibits a lot of factors that say it is a legit online pharmacy. We cannot make a judgment as of this writing but if you are looking for an online pharmacy to refill your prescription, be aware of how to tell if an online pharmacy is real or not. For more choices, you can also check our list of top rated online pharmacies.