Pharmacy Pills: Buy the Safest and the Cheapest Medications on the Web

When you have to buy meds, you have to be prepared to part with a huge portion of your income. This is the case for people who buy their drugs in the pharmacies located in their locality. When someone depends on prescription meds for him or her to enjoy his or her life, buying the meds can become an unbearable load. But, for people who have discovered that buying meds online usually saves a lot of cash, life has become easier for them. The pills you get online are the same as the pharmacy pills you get at your local pharmacy.

What has been holding back a lot of men and women who would like to buy their meds online is the fact that they are not sure whether they will be going against the law and be risking getting into trouble and even lawsuits. After researching on this topic, we have come to conclude that there is no one who will bother you because you bought your meds online. The only thing you need to do is avoid buying illegal medications.

Before buying your drugs online, make sure you are dealing with a genuine online drugstore. We have come across fake stores which look exactly the same as genuine pharmacies. Therefore, don’t use the pharmacy looks as a way of judging which pharmacy is fake and which one is real. Note that 95% of the pharmacies you find online are scams.

Pharmacy Pills Prices Online

The major reason which prompts men and women to source their meds online is the ability to save their money and still get genuine and safe meds. There are many pharmacies which can offer you this. However, one pharmacy that has stood out from all the other online drug stores is Pharmacy Mall. Pharmacy Mall has the look we have indicated below:

Pharmacy Mall Home

Pharmacy Mall Home

This pharmacy carries hundreds of different pills. We counted the categories of medications in the drugstore catalog. We counted 27 categories. This means that the pharmacy has medications which can treat 27 health defects. Some of the assortments they had include diabetes meds, erectile dysfunction meds, blood pressure drugs, weight loss meds, hair loss medications, Asthma meds, antibiotics, birth control meds, anxiety meds, antibiotics, and more. The medications were cheaper in such a way that anyone can afford them. Some of the medication prices are indicated below:

  • Dapoxetine will cost you $0.95 per pill.
  • Zithromax will cost $0.40
  • Nolvadex costs $0.52.
  • Cytotec will cost the buyer $1.70 a pill.
  • Cialis professional will cost you $1.25.
  • Metformin costs $0.26.
  • Antabuse costs $0.43

When you compare the above prices with the prices for the same drugs in the local pharmacies, you will notice that the prices that Pharmacy Mall offers are over 80% cheaper. We found Pharmacy Mall to be extremely easy to use even for newbies. The drugstore had 100% positive testimonials with 0 negative reviews. This means that Pharmacy Mall is a store you can trust when you are sourcing your pharmacy pills online.

Prescription Drugs List

It is essentials to know which drug is considered to be a prescription pharmacy pill in you country to avoid getting into trouble with the law when you buy the medication online without a prescription. We are in no position to provide you with a full list of the prescription drugs being sold online. This is because prescription meds are different in different countries. What we will be showing you is a portion of the prescription meds present in Canada. The following is the list.

Canadian Prescription Drugs List

Canadian Prescription Drugs List

Prescription meds are usually supposed to be taken while following a doctor’s prescription script since if you use them without the prescription script, you will be placing yourself at the risk of overdosing and hence messing up your health even more. Prescription meds are usually stronger than over the counter meds.

Some of the drugs considered to be prescription pharmacy pills in Canada include Aminosalicyclic acid, Abatacept, Abciximab, hydroxycoumarin, and more. Like we said, this is just a partial list of the drugs considered to be prescription meds in Canada. The full list is available on the official Canada website. Also, if you don’t live in Canada, you may need to familiarize yourself with the prescription meds located in you country. The easiest way to know whether a drug is a prescription medication or not is to seek advice from your doctor.

Illegal Pill Identifier with Pictures

We had already mentioned that the web is filled with fake pharmacies. This is where fake pharmacy pills and also illegal pills originate. There is the need to know whether what you received is the real meds or it is a fake medication. There is a way to do this. You only need to use a pill identifier. Here is an example of a pill identifier from

Pill Identifier

Pill Identifier

Using the pill identifier is quite easy. You will need to enter the pill imprints into the first text box. You should enter the imprints on both sides. Next, you will need to select the color that your pill has. Finally, you will only need to select the shape of the pill. After you click on the search button, the pill identifier will search its database to locate the meds which have the information which is similar to what you entered. You will get the most possible results together with the pill pictures. Note that pill identifiers are not always 100% correct. Therefore, the best way to get genuine meds is to buy them from genuine pharmacies such as Pharmacy Mall.


The pharmacy pills you receive when you order them online will depend on the pharmacy that you order from. If you order the meds from a genuine pharmacy, you will get genuine medications which will offer you the benefits you are looking for. If you use the fake pharmacies without knowing, all you will receive is fake pharmacy pills. To avoid fake pills, we recommend you use Pharmacy Mall to buy your meds.