Pharmacies Direct – An Australian Online Pharmacy Store with Mixed Reviews

Pharmacies Direct ( is more than just an online drugstore—the shop is actually more like a virtual grocery/consumer merchandise store rather than an online pharmacy. Unlike most virtual pharmacies on the web, Pharmacies Direct is actually selling goods like food items, baby care, cosmetics, skincare products, medical supplies (like blood pressure and blood sugar monitors), makeup, and plenty others.

Pharmacy Direct/Pharmacies Direct is an Australia-based supplier of various consumer goods. It has no specific About Us page where I was supposed to learn more about the shop’s location, history, or its mission/vision/purpose. There was one banner on the website though that mentioned that Pharmacies Direct is Australia’s “first owned and operated” web pharmacy platform and that it was around since 1996.

The shop Pharmacies Direct has an edge over its competitors when it comes to aesthetics. Given its layout and how it presented its products, Pharmacies Direct appears more vibrant and therefore more enticing. It does not take after the conventional monotony of online drugstores and also does not follow the conventional template form of common web drugstores. However, like most online drugstores, also has specific tabs for its specific kinds of products so consumers may be able to find their orders. For prescriptions though, the buyers have to go to the “prescriptions tab” first and search individually for their meds. Pharmacies Direct requires the buyers to provide their prescriptions in order for them to avail of the products found on the Pharmacies Direct store.

As for the prices of the most popular medicines on Pharmacies Direct, customers may purchase Viagra 100 mg for $13.99 each and Cialis 10 mg for $99 for 4 tablets. Apart from the brand name drugs on the store, consumers are also presented with generic alternatives so they can spend less on their medicines. Payments honored at Pharmacies Direct include PayPal, VISA, and MasterCard. As for deliveries, Pharmacies Direct is charging at least $7.95 per shipping, although this is not standard since Pharmacies Direct is charging based on the product weights.

Consumers with questions about their orders may contact Pharmacies Direct through its numbers or through its mailing address:

27-29 Industrial Ave, Molendinar, QLD Australia 4214,
Proprietor Chempro Online Pty Ltd ATF Chempro Online Trust

ABN: 26 551 788 034

Fax: 07 55 10 77 66

Phone: 1300 934 785

Pharmacies Direct Reviews

Pharmacies Direct had reviews from its consumers from the past years. While I was actually expecting good reports from its consumers, Pharmacies Direct had mixed reviews for its service. Here are some third-party reviews for Pharmacies Direct:

Pharmacies Direct Complaints

Pharmacies Direct Complaints

Pharmacies Direct Complaints

MummaClaire rated the shop only 1 out of 5 and mentioned that Pharmacies Direct was not worth it. According to her, she ordered from the store but the shop failed to fulfill her order. When she tried to follow-up, the customer support person mentioned that the store was waiting for Claire’s order to be back in stock.

Another buyer, Matt M (a verified buyer), rated the shop only 1 out of 5 because he waited for his meds 4 weeks and ended up not getting his products from the shop. When he called the store, the customer service team did not care about him or his order.

Pharmacies Direct 2018

More reviews for Pharmacy Direct were available for the year 2018. Although there were positive reports for Pharmacies Direct, I just couldn’t shake off the bad reviews for the platform. Here’s the overall score for Pharmacies Direct:

Pharmacies Direct Overall Rating

Pharmacies Direct Overall Rating

According to the rating summary for Pharmacies Direct at one third-party platform, out of the 60+ reviews for the shop, only 8 were excellent ratings—the rest were the either terrible or bad. Although most of the recent comments for the store were positive, still a huge chunk of the testimonials for Pharmacies Direct was negative.

Here are the most recent comments for Pharmacies Direct:

Pharmacies Direct Recent Reviews

Pharmacies Direct Recent Reviews

Pharmacies Direct Recent Reviews

Shannon O gave Pharmacies Direct a good score of 5 out of 5 and mentioned that Pharmacies Direct helped her change her wrong zip code for her rare face cream order. According to her, it took the shop only 10 minutes to resolve her concern. Additionally, she found the Pharmacies Direct attendants as friendly and helpful.

Nolas also gave a good score for Pharmacies direct and cited that Pharmacies Direct is her go-to pharmacy and that she never had any issue with the store whatsoever. She’s impressed with the shop’s competitive prices and swift delivery.

Pharmacies Direct Coupon Codes

There are no coupon codes available for buyers of Pharmacies Direct/, but the shop is running several promos for its specific products:

Pharmacies Direct Sale Items

Pharmacies Direct Sale Items

Buyers can purchase consumer merchandise currently on sale, like the items in the image above. Besides the sale, Pharmacy Direct is also offering free shipping to consumers able to satisfy several shipping conditions, like for instance, orders over $99 (for orders weighing 0-3 kg).


Pharmacies Direct is a good-looking, enticing store that’s both a pharmacy and a mini-grocery. Besides pharmaceutical items, this shop also features consumer merchandise like medical supplies, cosmetics, make-up, and other items. However, although this store looks great, I can’t recommend its use 100% given its existing negative reviews. Although the shop has good reports, a large chunk of its testimonials is still negative, reflecting poor service on this store’s end.