Net Rx: Easier Management of Pharmacies

Net RX is a body that is focused on enhancing the working of pharmacies which is located in Columbus,  that was established in 2008. Net Rx is also committed to offering its services to facilities that deals with Sub-acute, long-term care to the terminally ill, assisted living, as well as those living in residential care establishments.

Net Rx ensures that the guiding principles of being honorable, trustworthy, committed, and dependable are maintained which enables them to always stay ahead of their competition. They will work hard to ensure that every time customers use insurance covers to pay for drugs at the pharmacy, the insurance company will pay the right compensation. In case there are discrepancies, Net Rx will let you know how much you are owed so that you can lay your claims.

The company also ensures that the prices of drugs at the pharmacies that use their services are quite affordable to ensure that the customers who buy drugs from the pharmacy pay the lowest possible price for the drugs. Their staffs will help in conducting market reviews to ensure that the prices are always better than that of their competitors which is a great way of maintaining customer’s confidence.

Net Rx ensures that the pharmacies accounts are audited and if any discrepancies are noted in the claims paid by insurance companies, they will let the pharmacy’s management know so that they notify the insurance company. This will ensure that pharmacies do not lose their money through improper payment of claims.

With Net Rx, retail pharmacies, pharmacies that offer long-term care and even retail chain pharmacies will be able to reduce the risks of fraud in their operations. They will also be able to maximize their profits which are vital to the success of any business establishment.

Net Rx Price It

Net Rx also ensures that there are no discrepancies in the pricing by providing an automated pricing application. This will ensure that the prices will not be tampered with either by the pharmacy employees or through a system failure. The pharmacy will, therefore, be assured of maximum profits and the customers will also be able to make their budget in advance as there will be no unnecessary variation of prices.

This does not mean that the management is not in control; if a need arises to have an adjustment in the prices of a particular product, they will easily do so. Net Rx is not out to deny the management control but to make it easier for them to concentrate on other matters which issues of managing the running of the pharmacy is left to the experts.

To add a new drug to the system provided by Net Rx, the management will easily access the servers and update the new content. The pharmacy will also be able to override the price set by the system when dispensing a prescription if it is confirmed that the price set is higher than that of the competitors.

Photo of a pharmacy using the Net Rx system in running their operations

Photo of a pharmacy using the Net Rx system in running their operations

Net Rx, Inc Discount Card

Net Rx has a system in place where those who buy drugs from the pharmacies that use their systems are issued with discount prescription cards to ensure that they pay the lowest price possible for the drugs. Though it does not work as an insurance cover, a single card will work for all the members of one family. The card is accepted in all major chains and you do not have to go to the pharmacy to get it, you will simply print the card wherever you are and it’s ready for use. The savings through the card would even amount to 75% which proves just how valuable the card is.

When purchasing drugs in any of the major chain pharmacies, you will present the card before making payment for the drugs so that the discount can be deducted from the total cost of the drugs.

If you have an insurance cover, you will request the pharmacist to run both the insurance card and the Net Rx discount cards and use the one that will amount to greater savings. At times the discount resulting from the use of the discount card is bigger than the one offered by insurance companies.

Review from a customer who has used the Rx discount card

Review from a customer who has used the Rx discount card

How to Order Online from Net Rx Managed Pharmacies

For you to place a mail order with Net Rx managed pharmacy, you will be required to open an account with them if you are buying from them for the first time. If you are a return customer, you will simply log in to your account and proceed with the purchase.

Once you have logged into your account, you will search if the drug you wish to buy is in stock and add it to your cart, then click the check out button.

You will be able to see the total value of the drug in your cart; if you wish to shop for more drugs, you will click on the ‘continue shopping’ icon and you will continue with the shopping. If you the items in your cart are all you wish to buy you will fill in the details of the payment method you wish to use in paying for the drugs and the details of the destination that the drugs will be shipped to.

If you are buying drugs that are classified as controlled substances, you will be required to have a valid doctor’s prescription. If you do not have the prescription, the drugs will not be dispensed to you.


Net Rx is a reliable body that simplifies the working of online pharmacies that is dedicated to providing health solutions to the residents of the United States and global customers who order drugs online as well. It is also keen on extending their services to those in places such as assisted living facilities and those who are terminally ill. In addition, Net Rx also provides discount cards to help in making the prices of drugs affordable even to those who cannot afford an insurance cover. A single card can be used by all the members of one family and you will not have to get a card for every family member. Besides using the discount card at the pharmacy, you can also use it when purchasing drugs from other chain stores. Always remain cautious when buying drugs online so that you do not end up buying fake drugs. You can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies to get help in selecting a credible online pharmacy to buy drugs from.