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Canadian online pharmacies are the businesses that are importing mail-order prescription drugs to its customers. Many patients and customers actually prefer getting their meds from pharmacy sites based in Canada because of the big savings that they get. Canadian pharmacies have great prices for their products and customers can save for as much as 90% on their medicine expenses by buying from them. Though cheap, the quality of these affordable drugs is unquestionable. These meds are sourced only from GMP-certified pharma companies whose manufacturing facilities have had excellent marks in the checks made by the World Health Organization. Made only from the best raw materials, these drugs are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective for use.

Some customers wonder how it is possible for Canadian pharmacies to sell both prescription and over the counter drugs at affordable prices when prices at local US drugstores are so much costlier. The answer is because Canada is a country where its government regulates the drug prices, unlike the US where the government allows the pharmaceutical companies to set their own prices for their meds. Since the Canadian government has control over its medicine prices, they can keep it low and affordable for their customers. As a result, most of the products sold by Canadian drugstores are generic medicines which are cheaper versions of expensive branded drugs. But since generic drugs use the same active ingredients that the branded drugs have and has the same potency, formulation, and dosage strengths, they have the exact same effects. The benefits and risks that come with the use of generics are also similar to those of its branded versions.

One of the best online pharmacies to buy high-quality generic medicines from is Trust Pharmacy, a Canadian online pharmacy that has been in the business since 2001 and continues to provide excellent meds at low costs.

Customers can enjoy great benefits in purchasing their meds at Trust Pharmacy because it is a pharmacy store that sells its products at bargain prices. Buyers can also be assured that the medicines that they sell are of great quality since their products are only sourced from GMP-certified manufacturers. All of their meds are also FDA-approved which is a guarantee that their products are safe and effective for use. The selection of medicines offered here at Trust Pharmacy is also as wide as what the local drugstores have, making it a complete pharmacy store for all the drug needs of its clients.

Buying mail order prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies not only allows customers to get their prescription meds at very low prices as there are other advantages for them to enjoy. Unlike local pharmacies that offer no bargains for their drugs, Canadian pharmacies offer great discount opportunities to their customers where they can potentially save hundreds of dollars. Canadian online drugstores offer buyers great discounts in bulk purchases where the more pills they purchase, the price of the meds become cheaper. This is a great way to save money in meds and is perfect for those consumers who prefer to order their long-term supply of drugs in advance.

Another type of discount that is offered by Canadian pharmacies is the returning customer discounts where buyers save bigger each time they return to make their purchases at their Canadian pharmacy of choice. Though some of them don’t have this offer, most Canadian pharmacies have it for the benefit of their regular clients. Customers get a certain discount percentage on their second orders and this discount gets bigger each time they return. Since this discount is not available for guest or anonymous purchases, buyers must create their store account and sign in whenever they will buy their meds.

Prescription-less purchase of drugs is also among the great benefits that buyers will enjoy in getting mail-order prescription drugs from Canada. Since customers no longer have to provide prescriptions for their meds, it’s also additional savings on their end. In not requiring prescriptions for prescription drugs, Canadian pharmacies have effectively saved the money of its customers by eliminating the doctor visits where patients have to pay professional fees for their prescriptions. Canadian drugstores allow their customers to buy their drugs right away, saving both their money and their time. Although not all Canadian pharmacies have this policy as some still require prescriptions like local drugstores, most of them don’t have prescriptions as a requirement which is a relief to many.

How Do I Know if an Online Pharmacy is Legitimate?

Customers can easily determine an online pharmacy’s genuineness by checking its domain name on the page of fraud checking websites. Knowing an online pharmacy’s legitimacy is very important due to the growing number of scam sites that pretend to be online drugstores. These sites are not really pharmacies but are only fronts used by criminal organizations for stealing credit card information from the unsuspecting users. But by using the free services offered by scam detection websites like LegitScript and Scam Adviser, buyers will be able to detect the scam from the real ones. Scam detection websites have resources and databases that allow them to find out if a site is involved in suspicious activities. If a site is good, it will show as safe and if it’s not, it will show as a rogue website.

How to Order Prescription Drugs Safely Online

To know if a pharmacy site is safe for ordering prescription drugs, buyers should know if a site is secure. The means to know is for customers to simply look for a padlock icon on its domain name followed by https://. This trait in domain names is not web browser-specific but all browsers will show a padlock icon and https:// before the domain name of a pharmacy site that is safe to visit and to purchase from. What https:// stands for is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure which means that all the information being sent by the customer to that site is encrypted and safe.

Padlock Icon + Https://

Padlock Icon + Https://

Pharmacy sites which don’t have a padlock icon before its domain name and doesn’t use https:// is unsafe because the information that’s sent by the users over the web is exposed to outside sources.

Buying Prescription Drugs from Canada: Legal or Illegal?

It’s 100% legal to purchase meds from Canada pharmacies as customers are breaking no laws in doing so. Large drugstore chains and corporate pharmacies are the businesses that labor to make it unlawful because they lose millions of dollars in profit. As of the moment, there are already petitions from these companies being reviewed by the US courts and steps are already being taken by the US lawmakers to make prescription drug importation illegal. Although this is the case, importation of prescription drugs for personal use is still allowed.


It is of the great benefit for the customers to get mail-order prescription drugs from Canada because of the amazing savings that they will get. Compared to local pharmacies, Canadian drugstores like Trust Pharmacy have much cheaper offers but the quality of their medicines are also top-notch as they’re sourced from GMP-certified manufacturers and are FDA-approved. Customers can also check their other options from our top list of recommended providers.