Global Drugs Direct: Canadian Pharmacy Approved by Cipa

Global Drugs Direct is a online drug vendor that has its location in Canada. The site claims to offer their customers a chance to order their meds either by phone, on their website, or using the mail or fax. This store has been operating for 12 years since it was established in 2006. They have managed to get accreditation by CIPA which is the organization that regulates how pharmacies operate in Canada. They claim that they take information privacy very seriously and for this reason, they will never trade any information with anyone. They say that all their transactions are secured using 256-bit SSL certificates which they claim is the highest level of security on the internet.

They claim to offer a wide range of both over the counter medications and prescription medications. They say that they will not dispense any medication that requires a prescription if you don’t present a valid prescription to them. They offer to lower the price of their drugs if you happen to find another drugstore that offers the same drug at a lower price. They have a toll-free phone number on their website and they claim that they have a very qualified team of customer support staff.

Global Drugs Direct Reviews

All the information presented at Global Drugs Direct is enough to force anyone to buy their drugs from them. However, the big question is whether there is any proof of their great services elsewhere online. Drug vendors will use the best language in order to make you buy from them. This is why it is important to find evidence elsewhere in order to see whether their claims are true.

One thing that raised a red flag on Global Drugs Direct pharmacy is the fact that even after digging on the web for a long time when searching for the store reviews, we came up empty-handed. The pharmacy has been in business for more than 12 years now. Any reputable store that has been in business for this long and served their customers well should have consumer feedback. After lacking the customer feedback, we decided to use which checks for rogue drug stores. The following is the result that came up after searching for Global Drugs Direct:

Global Drugs Direct Legitscript

Global Drugs Direct did not hesitate to indicate Global Drugs Direct as being a rogue store. After viewing the online store they were able to discover that it did not satisfy the qualities that a genuine drugstore should have. We used to check for Global Drugs Direct too. Here are the results that came up:

Global Drugs Direct Scamadviser

Global Drugs Direct

According to, the website appeared to be located in the united states. However, the real website location was being hidden. Generally, rogue drug stores are the ones which usually have something to hide. For this reason, a store that is hiding their actual location may have something fishy going on. The site had a malware which made it even more unsafe to use.

From the above reports and the fact that Global Drugs Direct lacks any reviews, we would like you to approach the store cautiously. We actually don’t recommend you to use it. If you are looking for a genuine Canadian drugstore that will offer you over the counter and prescription meds, check our catalog for these pharmacies.

Global Drugs Direct Coupons

We searched online in order to try and find the coupons that anyone could use in order to further reduce the prices for the drugs being sold by Global Drugs Direct. Just like the reviews, we came up empty-handed in terms of the coupons. However, Global Drugs Direct went ahead and declared on the website that they are the only drugstore that offers the lowest prices on the web. They also claimed that they were willing to reduce the prices of your drugs if you found another price that was lower on a competing website. They claimed that they would beat this price by offering you a discount.

All these claims might be true, however, before believing a pharmacy, you have to be sure. You don’t want to end up regretting your decision. For this reason, you need to trust pharmacies that already have the evidence of offering discounts. These are the kinds of pharmacies that we suggest to you. They are available on our top-rated list. These stores have numerous coupon codes.

Global Drugs Direct Viagra

Viagra is a drug that helps restore relationships and marriages which have been broken by a bad sex life. This bad sex life usually stems from the man lacking the ability to gain and keep his erection during a sex session. Viagra remedies this within an hour after ingesting it. It will increase the flow of blood to the male sex organ. The drug will last for up to 22 hours. However, the first four hours are the best to enjoy sex after taking the medication. The problem with buying the drug in local stores is that it is extremely pricey with a single pill going for at least $70. The drug was also available at Global Drugs Direct with lower prices:

Global Drugs Direct Brand Viagra Price

Global Drugs Direct Brand Viagra Price

In order to get the brand Viagra from Global Drugs Direct, you need to have a valid prescription. The cheapest price for the drug is $6.25 per a 100 mg tablet when you buy 16 tablets sourced from Turkey. The generic prices were much better.

Global Drugs Direct Generic Viagra Price

Global Drugs Direct Generic Viagra Price

The lowest price for generic Viagra available is for Silagra which is manufactured in India by Cipla. Given that Global Drugs Direct lacks any evidence to indicate whether they deliver or not, it is a good idea to not gamble with your life and money. Instead, order your Viagra from one of the verified stores in our catalog.


Global Drugs Direct is a pharmacy that has managed to get approval from CIPA. This means that it is not considered as being rogue in Canada. The problem with this pharmacy is the fact that even after being in business for over 12 years, there is no evidence that could help us determine whether they deliver. For this reason, we would advise you to avoid gambling with your money and your health. Instead, focus on only buying from vendors who have enough evidence to prove their legitimacy and the kind of services that they offer. The best vendors can be found in our catalog.