Global Care Rx: A Canadian Pharmacy with Numerous Unsatisfied Customers

Global Care Rx is an online medication drug vendor that contracts with licensed pharmacies located in Canada and in other parts of the world. This store claims that its major goal is to ensure that they provide their customers with the lowest prices. In fact, on their homepage, they have a huge banner indicating that their customers have the ability to save up to 90% on their medications. The store indicates they have a customer support department that allows their customers to feel like they are dealing with a local pharmacy. The customer support agents are always available for 24 hours seven days every week.

Global Care Rx is strict in such a way that you will not get your meds shipped if you lack an official prescription from a legitimate doctor. The only meds that Global Care Rx indicates can be shipped without a prescription are over the counter meds. The pharmacy makes it easier for their customers. They ask the customers to give them the doctor’s contact information. They will be happy to call the doctor to ask for a prescription. The store indicates that it has a 100% price match guarantee. If you happen to find the same product on an external site but at a lower price, they will match the price for you.

Global Care RX Ratings

We determined that Global Care Rx has received approval from both pharmacy checker and CIPA. This means that it has all the qualities that a genuine online pharmacy should have. We decided to see the kinds of services that the drugstore has offered the previous customers. To determine this, we had to find their reviews. This was easy to do given the fact that Global Care Rx has a profile on Pharmacy Checker where their previous customers have left their feedback. Here is the feedback we found:

Global Care Rx Testimonials

Global Care Rx Testimonials

Contrary to what you would expect when you see the look that Global Care Rx website features, the comments are largely negative with very few positive ones. This can be depicted in the above reviews. The first reviewer says that you should not order from the online drugstore. He created a profile at Global Care Rx and added a prescription to his cart. He did not place an older. Since the day he created the profile he has been receiving spam calls every day asking him to finish his order. He asked the pharmacy to stop calling but they still continue calling at all hours.

The second reviewer says that he placed an order about 2 months ago and he has not received anything yet. He has called the pharmacy several times but they always lie to him. They told him that the doctor sent them the wrong prescription which is why they had to delay for 3 weeks. The reviewer says that he knows that this is a lie. They then said that the order had been shipped from India but the tracking number shows that the order is still in India. The pharmacy has poor customer service. He says that once they get your money they will never care about you.

The above reviews can tell you that you have to approach Global Care Rx with care. To be 100% safe, we wouldn’t advise you to rely on a pharmacy which is clearly unreliable as you can see in the reviews above. On our catalog, you will find pharmacies you can rely on. Millions of people from all around the globe rely on the pharmacies. Therefore, you should be safe when ordering from the drug stores.

Global Care Rx Viagra

After realizing that men who cannot perform sexually due to erectile dysfunction were being forced by the local pharmacies to pay 70 dollars for their Viagra, we decided to find out how much money Global Care Rx was selling their Viagra. We noted that they had both generic and brand Viagra. The price for brand Viagra is as indicated below:

Global Care Rx Brand Viagra Cost

Global Care Rx Brand Viagra Cost

The highest price they have for a pill is $8.75. This is when you purchase only four tablets. When you increase the number of pills you buy to 44 tablets, you will only need to pay 6.75 for a tablet. This shows that the price is reducing as you increase the number of tablets.

Global Care Rx Generic Viagra Price

Global Care Rx Generic Viagra Price

The price for generic Viagra at Global Care Rx is much cheaper. 4 tablets will cost you 10 dollars. This means that the highest price you will have to pay for a pill of generic Viagra is 2.5 dollars. When you increase the number of pills to 60 tablets, you will get to reduce the price to only $0.55 for a pill.

Global Care Rx Phone Number

For people who prefer calling, you will find a number on the official Global Care Rx site. The number that you should use is +1 888 487 3440. This number is toll-free. The pharmacy also has a toll-free fax number. The fax number is +1 888 886 5803. If you prefer communicating via the email, you can use their contact form available on their contact page to send the email. The pharmacy indicates that they will reply to all queries within a period that is less than 24 hours.


Global Care Rx is an online drugstore that has been operating on the web for nine years. The pharmacy was founded back in 2009. The store offers both prescription and over the counter meds. You will also get both brand and generic meds. Their prices are pretty low which means that numerous people can afford them. The site looks simple and easy to use. The problem with this drugstore which has already received approval from both CIPA and Pharmacy Checker is that it has a large number of unsatisfied customers. For this reason, we will not recommend it. What we will do is point you towards better Canadian drug stores. These are available in our catalog. These stores have already sold their meds to millions of customers and none of these customers is complaining.