Furicet Medication: The Medication to Help You Treat Migraines

Fioricet is a medication made up of a combination of active ingredients. These include caffeine, acetaminophen, and butalbital. The medication is classified under a group of medications known as barbiturates. These are meds prescribed to people who suffer from tension headaches. Fioricet works to relax the contractions which occur and cause tension headaches. The active ingredients in the medication have different functions. Caffeine works to stimulate the central nervous system. It achieves this through relaxing the muscle contractions and hence improving blood flow. Acetaminophen is a pain and fever reliever. Fioricet is available online although it is considered to be a controlled drug in a lot of countries. The following are the prices for the medication online:

You have to note that numerous online pharmacies have taken advantage of the fact that Fioricet has a large demand online to start stealing from buyers by pretending to be selling the medication. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful. The highest price you have to pay for the medication is $1.87 for a pill. The lowest price you will have to pay is $1.38. Typically, when you increase the number of pills you are purchasing, the price for the medication reduces. You need to get a prescription first before buying Fioricet. Using the medication without a prescription will place you at the risk of overdosing. But, does the medication work?

Fioricet Reviews

The best way to find whether Fioricet works is to look at the reviews that previous users have left. We explored the web in search of these customer comments. We came across a large number of reviews. We have captured some of the reviews below:

Fioricet Review

Fioricet Review

Harry is thankful for Fioricet. He had been dealing with migraines for ten years on a daily basis. When he feels like these migraines are coming back, the only thing he needs to do is take 2 tablets and the migraines are gone within 15 minutes. The drug does not cause any side effects for him. The problem he has with Fioricet is its overly expensive price in the local stores. His insurance does not cover the medication.

Fioricet Testimonials

Fioricet Testimonials

The above reviewer indicates that he started getting headaches 3 months after he had started his new job. He was only sleeping for 4 to 6 hours every night after working for 16 hours every day. He had a lot of problems with the headaches until his doctor prescribed him to Fioricet. The Fioricet combined with some other meds changed everything. The meds managed to relieve him of his severe headaches.

Fioricet Feedback

Fioricet Feedback

The above reviewer was having a pounding and throbbing migraine for 18 days. He also had a terrible pain in the left head side. He tried a lot of meds without success. When he tried Fioricet, the medication managed to eliminate his migraine in an instant. The medication also helps him deal with his anxiety.

From all the above reviews, it is very clear that Fioricet is a medication you can trust to help you eliminate your migraines. All the previous people who have used the medication indicate that it managed to eliminate migraines.

Fioricet Dosage

If you have to get benefits from Fioricet like the people whose reviews you have just read above, you have to use this drug in the correct dosage. The best way to get the correct Fioricet dosage is to go to a qualified doctor and ask him or her to prescribe the drug to you. What we will include in this section will be the general dosage. Therefore, it may not apply to everyone since everybody is different.

Fioricet Pills

Fioricet Pills

The recommended dosage for adults is taking 1 or 2 tablets after every 4 hours. This should be taken as needed. It is not recommended for the number of tablets that you take in a period of 24 hours to exceed 6 tablets. It is not recommended to use Fioricet for an extended period of time or repeatedly. This is because the medication can cause physical dependence.

Fioricet Side Effects

The side effects will arise when you take Fioricet in unrecommended dosages. This drug has both short-term and long-term side effects. The short-term side effects include feeling restless or anxiety, dizziness, insomnia and other sleep-related problems, and feeling drowsy.

The side effects which turn out to be long-term effects include constipation, ringing in the ears, earache, feeling bloated, having excess gas in your stomach or in your intestines, heartburn, hyperventilation, irritability, feeling numb in your legs, having heavy eyelids, a stuffy nose, and feeling sluggish.

On top of the side effects, Fioricet may also interact with other medicines that you may be taking. This can cause negative effects which might be life-threatening. Therefore, when your doctor prescribes you to Fioricet, you should inform him or her about other medications that you might be taking. Some of the meds which are known to have a negative interaction with Fioricet include muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, and narcotic pain medication. Also, if you are taking depression and anxiety meds, you will need to alert your doctor before taking Fioricet.

In case you experience any side effects, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about this problem. He or she can help you fix it by simply adjusting your dosage. Note that some of the side effects may be as a result of using a fake medication. To avoid such side effects, stick with buying your meds from safe pharmacies.


Fioricet is a drug that helps eliminate migraines. The medication is made up of caffeine, acetaminophen, and butalbital. This medication is considered to be a controlled substance in most countries. Therefore, you need to get a doctor’s prescription before using the drug. Also using Fioricet on a long-term basis is not recommended since it can cause physical dependence. Never source your meds from random online pharmacies. 95% of online drug stores are fake. You can avoid the fake online pharmacies quite easily by using our top-rated catalog.