Care Mart: Providing Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs

Total Care Mart which was established in the year 2001 has been operating on the web for the past more than one and a half decades. Over the time that they have been operational, they have managed to catch Pharmacy Checker’s attention and they have been added to their list as one of their valid members. Total Care Mart has also managed to get CIPA attention and they have even received their accreditation. All these point out towards the fact that Total Care Mart puts effort into making sure that they are working hard to ensure that they offer great services while following the rules and regulations which govern online drug stores.

Total Care Mart itself is not a pharmacy. They claim that they are a referral service that allows their customers to have access to affordable prescription medications. The processing location for their orders is located in Canada. This processing center serves both the American customers and international customers. Total Care Mart claims that with the help of their contracted international pharmacy and Canadian pharmacy care providers, they are able to provide world-class service and access to numerous products to their patients.

Total Care Mart Pharmacy Reviews

We decided to ensure that what Total Care Mart is declaring on their landing page is the absolute truth. To do this, we had to find the reviews that their previous customers had left behind. Here are some of the reviews:

Total Care Mart Reviews (Source: https://www

Total Care Mart Reviews

David says that he was really impressed with the requirements that it took in order to get access to Cialis. He appreciates the necessity of a prescription. The drug cost him about 1/16th of the cost that he would have paid in the local drug stores which are located in the United States. The drug worked for him fine without causing any side effects. They refill the script five times without a script which makes it convenient. David claims that their number is on his phone. He will be ordering again.

Jack Gardner says that Total Care Mart has a good service. Fabrizio says that it was his first time to use Total Care Mart. They have a quick response and great service.

Welsh says that it was easy to place an order online. The free shipping arrived sooner than he had expected. Per unit price dropped significantly when he purchased a 90-day supply instead of a 30-day supply. The 90-day supply only cost 58% more than 30-day supply instead of 300% more.

All the above reviewers seem to be overly impressed with what Total Care Mart has to offer. Their deliveries are not delayed, they get their drugs at an affordable price, they get a quick response and they enjoy great service. All this serves to prove that Total Care Mart is a good drug seller. It means that anyone can consider trusting them with their medications and money.

Total Care Mart Cialis

More than half of the men who are in intimate relationships will need a drug to help them perform sexually. The sexual performance usually declines as a result of poor erections or as a result of lacking the ability to gain an erection at all. The condition is referred by health professionals as erectile dysfunction. It is commonly known as impotence. Cialis which has Tadalafil as the major component is a drug that is applied in the treatment of this condition. It has the ability to restore a man’s potency for a period of 6 to 8 hours. The drug is also known to eliminate other sexual health defects such as ejaculating too early and hence causing men to not satisfy their women which can be a real confidence killer. The price for the Brand Cialis which is manufactured by Eli Lilly is as follows:

Total Care Mart Brand Cialis Cost

Total Care Mart Brand Cialis Cost

The price for a 2.5 mg pill is $5.89. The price for a 5 mg tablet is $4.52. The price for each 10 mg tablet is $18.81. The price for a 20 mg tablet is $20.02. This is a significant reduction from the 70 dollars that the local stores will sell a pill of brand Cialis. The price for generic Cialis is as follows:

Total Care Mart Generic Cialis Cost

Total Care Mart Generic Cialis Cost

The price for a 2.5mg tablet is $1.30. The price for a 5 mg tablet and a 10 mg tablet are $1.71 and $3.15 respectively. The highest dosage pill which contains 20 mg tadalafil will require you to pay $7.13. This is the best price that anyone who is on a budget should opt for. This is because generic Cialis and brand Cialis work in a similar manner.

Total Care Mart Phone Number

If you are thinking about contacting Total Care Mart, this should not give you a headache. They have a very dedicated contact page. Here is the page that includes their email, phone number, and fax:

Total Care Mart Contact Page

Total Care Mart Contact Page

Their Mailing address is in Winnipeg Canada as indicated above. Their toll-free number is 1-800-267-2688. Their international number is 1-204-784-1180. Their toll-free fax is: 1-800-563-3822 while their international fax is: 1-204-818-0825. They have an email which is [email protected] On top of Total Care Mart having all these contact details and channels, they make it even easier for to chat with them on their website by including a live chat service.


Total Care Mart is a referral service that has its headquarters in Winnipeg Canada. This referral service allows their users to gain access to better and cheaper medications which originate from their Canadian and international pharmacies. They have been in business since the year 2001 and they have some pretty impressive reviews. This means that they offer good services. We make sure that you don’t lose your money on the web when you are buying your medications and actually looking to save some money. We invested a lot of time into investigating online stores in order to come up with our top-rated list of online pharmacies. Use this list to get the best medications and services.