Canadian Prescription Drugs: Pay Less for Your Maintenance Meds

One thing we have come across online time again is the fact that the prices for drugs are going up day after day. People want a break from having to struggle on a daily basis in order to pay for their maintenance medications. The Canadian pharmacies usually sell prescription meds. The good thing about the meds that Canadian pharmacies usually sell is that these meds are usually cheaper. As we will see when we look at the actual prices at which the Canadian pharmacies sell these meds, you will note that they are over 80% cheaper. A common question being asked by a large number of people is whether it is legal to buy prescription meds from foreign pharmacies. The following answer is perfect. Check it out:

As you will note, the person giving the answer has been working at a senior executive position in an international mail-order pharmacy for 12 years. Therefore, before reading his answer, you can be sure that he knows what he is talking about. The first thing he notes is that what would be illegal is importing drugs which have not been approved by the FDA. He then notes that if you buy meds which don’t exceed a 90-days supply, you will be okay even if the drugs are not FDA approved.

Brock encourages buyers to avoid controlled and illegal substances. He also encourages sourcing meds from Canadian pharmacies which have been approved by CIPA. To summarize Brock’s answer, we can says that it is 100% legal to buy your meds online from a Country like Canada. He even tells us that millions of Americans are already doing it.

Buy Prescription Drugs Online Cheap

One thing we would like you to note even before we can proceed is that for you to enjoy cheap prices, you have to use a genuine Canadian pharmacy. We are telling you this since we have already noticed that there are more than 95% fake online pharmacies claiming they have real physical pharmacies in mainland Canada. The prices for the prescription meds you buy in Canada are as outlined below:

Canadian Prescription Drugs Prices

Canadian Prescription Drugs Prices

If you scan through the above price list, you will note that the highest you get to pay for your meds is only a mere 14% of the price that the local pharmacies sell the same medications. There are some drugs which offer you savings as high as 90+%. One such medication is Actos which is used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. This drug will cost you 1777.50 in the local pharmacy. In the Canadian pharmacies, you get to pay only $54. This saves you 97%.

The other prescription meds which will save you more than 90% include Actonel which saves you 93% and Flomax which will cost you 90% less in the Canadian online pharmacies. The other meds will save you between 86% to 89%. This is still a significant saving.

You should not buy from the first pharmacy that indicates it has prescription meds and also has low prices. As we have noted earlier on, fake pharmacies out-number real pharmacies. Therefore, caution has dominate every decision that involves buying medication. We make things easier for our readers by providing them with a catalog that is made up of pharmacies located in Canada and offering perfect services. What we have done is invest our time and money in investigating the pharmacies. The Canadian pharmacies which made it to our catalog had to pass our strict standards. You will always be safe when you source your meds from any one of these drug stores.

Reputable Canadian Online Pharmacies

Reputation is the main thing that determines whether an online pharmacy will succeed or it will fail. This can only be acquired through offering perfect services. To determine which pharmacy is perfect, we look at three things. These are, the pharmacy reviews, the number of customers it has and the number of years it has been operating online.

Qualities of a Reputable Canadian Online Pharmacy

Qualities of a Reputable Canadian Online Pharmacy

We check the reviews since these are used by the pharmacy’s previous customers to express how they feel about the online drugstore. They will tell you whether the drugstore has offered quality services and medications to their customers before. We check the number of customers a pharmacy has because the reputable pharmacies are supposed to have a large number of customers. This is because their previous customers who are happy will refer their friends to shop from the drugstore. Finally, we check the age of the online drugstore since reputable drug stores should have been in business for a long time for them to acquire a great reputation.

You will not have to look for all those factors in the thousands of pharmacies available online while trying to determine which Canadian pharmacy you should purchase from. We have already done it. The pharmacies in our catalog satisfy all the above factors.

Mail Order Prescription Drugs from Canada

There is no doubting that when you are sourcing your meds from Canada, you will have to wait before they arrive. However, when you are using mail order delivery and also sourcing your meds from a genuine pharmacy, the meds will arrive in a period that does not exceed 3 weeks. Therefore, to be safe and avoid skipping your maintenance dosages or even having to pay exorbitant prices in the local stores as you wait for the meds to arrive, you will always need to place your order about a month before the meds that you have run out.


Canadian prescription drugs are over 80% cheaper. Canadian pharmacies provide a great opportunity for men and women to pay less for their meds. You will get genuine medications delivered to you if you choose the pharmacy from which they originate wisely. Instead of risking making a mistake by choosing the pharmacies yourself from thousands of fake pharmacies which look real, you can use our top-rated list which has the top-rated Canadian prescription meds pharmacies.