Canadian Drugs Com – Helped Many Customers Around the World

Canadian online pharmacies have truly left a lasting impression on its customers. The way that people have perceived purchasing medicines have forever changed because of them. Before, people thought that the only source of reliable drugs are local US pharmacies. So even to the point of struggling to afford their medicines because of the expensive costs, people only bought their drugs locally. But after learning of a different reliable source with much cheaper prices which are the Canadian pharmacies, things were never the same. was among the first Canadian online drugstores that was established because of the great demand for affordable medicines in the US. It was founded back in 2001 by a man named Kris Thorkelson who got the idea in looking for a way for customers from the US to purchase their drugs from Canada without them having to cross the border. Because in the earlier days when online pharmacies were not yet a thing, Americans who live near the border go over to Canada just to buy affordable prescription medicines. The Canadian pharmacies becoming online was a big relief to the buyers because they no longer have to visit Canada for their cheap meds, they can simply access its site and order from the internet. It’s also an advantageous innovation that allowed Canada Drugs to cater to a greater number of customers and even provide for customers who are located in various parts of the world.

Similar to the assortment of medicines that the local pharmacies have, the selection of products available at Canada Drugs is just as large. Customers can choose from its wide array of branded and generic medicines whose prices are from 70% to 90% cheaper than the local US prices. Both over the counter and prescription drugs are available at Canada Drugs and they’re all of great quality, checked and approved by the Food and Drug Administration as effective and safe for use. In purchasing prescription drugs, prescriptions are required from the customers of Canada Drugs just like at local pharmacies. But even if this is the case, prescriptions are a small price to pay compared to the benefits that they will get with the affordably priced quality meds that it offers.

Since Canada Drugs have lots of customers to cater to, they have made customer service hotlines available where callers that will be needing help with using their site can call for assistance. Their toll-free number which is only available to US and Canadian customers is +1 800 226 3784. For its international clients, the number to contact is +1 204 654 7694. Unlike the first hotline, this number has long distance charges that will be applied to the caller. Canada Drugs have also put into consideration the customers who are hearing and speech-impaired and made a special TTY service hotline available which is +1 877 256 7006.

Canada Drugs Hotlines

Canada Drugs Hotlines

For its customers who are without phones for calling its hotlines, Canada Drugs offers a live chat option on its site where customers can chat with its customer support representatives who will be helping them sort out their concerns. The live chat option is one of the quickest ways to speak with Canada Drug’s customer service department and may even be better than voice support in some cases especially if they’re looking for a real-time response to their questions. Customers can also communicate Canada Drugs through email and they can send their questions or suggestions to [email protected]

Can You Trust Canadian Online Pharmacies?

Yes, customers can absolutely trust Canadian online pharmacies. Of course, this is only limited to the legally operating and licensed Canadian pharmacies and not the scam drugstores that make themselves appear to be online Canadian pharmacy sites. To be certain if a Canadian pharmacy is legit, customers should check if it has a physical address. This is one of the best ways to know if an online pharmacy is genuine because the physical address can be searched using Google Maps. Another thing that the customers should test in proving if a Canadian pharmacy is genuine is to call the contact numbers that they have on their sites. Usually, scam pharmacies have dead telephone hotlines and only offer the email as their means of supporting their customers. If this is what customers will encounter from a site that claims to be a Canadian online pharmacy, they should look for a different one.

How Do I Know if an Online Pharmacy is Legitimate?

The best and easiest way to determine if an online pharmacy is indeed as genuine as what it claims to be is to check its domain name on the database of fraud detection websites.

Scam Adviser

Scam Adviser

Sites like Scam Adviser and LegitScript will run a full background check on an online pharmacy and will determine if the site is legit or not based on its WHOIS record where the real information about a certain site is. If the site is legit, there will be a match with the information on the site’s domain and its WHOIS record. But if a site is illegally operating, it will show as a rogue pharmacy on the results of the check.

Buy Viagra Online Canadian Pharmacy

It’s indeed much better to buy Viagra online from Canadian pharmacies than local drugstores because its price is cheaper by almost 90%. If local prices for Viagra reaches for up to $80 USD for just a single pill, online Canadian pharmacies only sell it for $9 or $10 USD each. The generic Viagra versions are even cheaper with prices that start from $0.27 USD per pill up to $2 USD each. These generics work just as good as the branded ones as they also use the same active ingredients and has the same formulation.


Canadian pharmacies and the drugs that they sell have helped many customers around the world by providing alternatives which are more affordable than the meds sold by local pharmacies. Canada Drugs was among the first Canadian pharmacies that became online to become the answer to the expensive prescription drug costs. Its medicines are up to 90% cheaper than local prices, helping customers save their money. For other online Canadian pharmacy options, buyers can check our list of top recommended providers.