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Canada Drugs is a Canadian pharmacy website that is widely known for selling quality medicines at bargain prices. It was a pharmacy that was founded back in 2001 and was founded out of need by a Canadian by the name of Kris Thorkelson. The expensive prices of medicines in the US are the reason why many Americans cross the border just for them to be able to buy their meds at affordable costs at Canadian drugstores. To spare the American customers of this time-consuming method, he established Canada Drugs who was able to reach out to more US-based customers and provide them the same affordable and quality medicines without them having to go over to Canada to do it. Today, Canada Drugs is not only able to provide low-cost meds to American customers but also to customers from around the world.

Canada Drugs Hotlines and Email

Canada Drugs Hotlines and Email

For customers who need help with their products or with the processes on its website, customers can call their customer support hotlines for help. They have three numbers available and the first one is the toll-free hotline which is 1-800-226-3784. This hotline is for US and Canada customers only and international customers reach its customer service department through the next number which is 1-204-654-7964. Long distance fees apply on this number but the customer service representatives are swift to help, making the customer’s calls brief and easy. Canada Drugs also have a special to-type-text hotline for the customers with hearing impairment. The hotline for them is 1-877-258-7006 but no mention was made if there are fees to this hotline or there’s none.

For buyers who don’t have phones or are more convenient with using their computers for communicating with Canada Drugs’ customer service, they can use its live chat lines where they can simply type their concerns. The chat support representatives will now be responding promptly to their questions real-time, allowing them to communicate with the customers with their other concerns. The chat lines are the quickest way to reach the customer service department since they respond to the customer’s chat in a matter of seconds. Clients who need quick help with their orders or answers to their questions can use the Canada Drugs’ chat lines to save time.

Email is also a good way to reach Canada Drugs and customers can use this means of communication if they prefer to send their message in a more detailed fashion. The email support team of Canada Drugs are always on standby and will also send a comprehensive response to the emails that they receive. Canada Drugs values its customers that’s why it has dedicated a large part of its resources in communicating with them.

Canada Drugs Online Reviews

Below are just a couple of reviews of Canada Drugs’ customers from its Facebook page and let’s see how their lives have been made better by the meds and the services that they have received from it:

Canada Drugs Reviews

Canada Drugs Reviews

Canada Drugs Reviews

The first review was from a customer named Denis Chouinard who gave Canada Drugs a 5-star rating. What he generally appreciates about the site is the speedy delivery of his orders and the website’s ease of use. He is also grateful about the effectiveness of the medicines that he purchased, improving the quality of his health. Denis also mentions of the store’s great customer service where he placed his orders through the internet. Within just minutes after checking out, he received a phone call from its customer service department giving him a recap of his orders and he was asked if there’s anything more that he would need. He was pleased by this experience and commends Canada Drugs.

Diane Mari was a customer who has been buying from Canada Drugs for already 3 years. What she needed before was an inhaler for her cat but it costs $280 at the local US drugstores. She went to Canada Drugs to check her options and there she was able to buy the meds for only $74 USD. She also appreciates the fact that she receives phone calls from the store reminding her when it’s time to reorder and checks if she receives her medicines on time. She did some research and found out that she is saving big time with Canada Drugs as the meds that are supposed to cost her $500 a year, she only pays $170 USD for them.

Best Canada Pharmacy: Directory of Online Pharmacy Ratings

There are many other Canadian pharmacies on the internet offering the same great products and services but none of them are like Canada Drugs which has the most organized assortment of medicines so far. Its medicines are primarily categorized into two; over-the-counter and prescription medicines. Buyers would have no issues locating the drugs that they need since there are search boxes where they can put their drug’s name in for a quicker search. The drugs are also categorized by their use making it faster for the buyers to locate what they need.

Canadian Pharmacy Online: Canada Pharmacy, Discount Prescription

The available discounts for customers that will buy their medications from Canada Drugs are also many, giving them the opportunity to get their meds at cheaper prices. They can use coupon discounts that can slash large prices off their purchases. They can also make large purchases to avail of the bulk purchase discounts which can get them hundreds of dollars in savings. Canada Drugs also offers free shipping to orders bound to the US, the UK, and Canada and it only charges $24 USD shipping fee for all the other destinations.

How do I Know if an Online Pharmacy is Legitimate?

To be sure of the pharmacies that they are buying from, customers can check them through fraud-checking sites to know if they have been operating legitimately. Buyers can also look for the pharmacy license number of a site and its physical address to determine if it’s really operating legally. Pharmacies without license numbers or physical addresses are likely to be scams and buyers should avoid them at all costs. It would be a great help if buyers would first check the pharmacy at fraud-checking websites to make sure that it’s safe and legit.


Canada Drugs is a good pharmacy website that has satisfied customers from all over. Due to its effective meds sold at affordable prices, customers can’t help but leave reviews about its distinction as an online source of medicines. It has also dedicated a great deal of its resources to its customer services to provide its clients with the best assistance with all of their concerns. For other pharmacy sites that give the same great service as Canada Drugs, visit our list of top recommended pharmacies.