Buying Tramadol Online Cheap: Expensive Locally, Affordable Online

Tramadol hydrochloride is a pain medication that is used for treating moderate to severe pain. This drug is similar to opioid analgesics, drugs that attach themselves to the nerve endings or receptors in the brain to increase a person’s threshold of pain and reduce the mind’s perception of pain. Tramadol is a drug that reduces the pain signals sent by the body to the brain and in effect, it reduces the sensations of pain felt by the user. Unfortunately, because of the narcotic-like effects of Tramadol to its users, it became one of the most commonly abused drugs as its effects on the brain are somewhat addictive.

Tramadol is also a prescription drug which means that patients must have prescriptions in order for them to purchase this drug. This might be the case in the USA but in other countries, Tramadol can be bought freely without any prescriptions needed. This is due to the low number of cases that is related to the abuse of the drug and this is the reason why other countries have light policies and regulations when it comes to the purchase and the use of this drug. Tramadol has a lot of substance abuse-related cases in the US that’s why even though the drug was approved by the FDA, the Drug Enforcement Agency has put it on its list of federally-controlled medicines.

Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals

Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals

This drug was developed and introduced in the market back in 1993 by Ortho-McNeil, a pharmaceutical company who marketed the drug under the brand name of Ultram. Ortho-McNeil is based in New Jersey but now operates under Janssen Pharmaceutica, Johnson & Johnson’s research, and development wing.

Where to Buy Tramadol Online?

But even if there are restrictions in some countries regarding the purchase of Tramadol, online pharmacies are great and reliable sources to get this drug from. Because of the increasing number of scam online pharmacies, buyers are advised to purchase only from genuine and trusted pharmacy sites to avoid being scammed. Customers don’t have to spend as much money as they used to spend in purchasing Tramadol at local pharmacies but at online drugstores, they can save for as much as 80% of their money. The prices that they have online are much cheaper for the simple reason that they get their products directly from the pharmaceutical companies that make Tramadol and not through distributors who usually mark the prices up, making it difficult for customers to get them at cheap prices.

Purchase Tramadol Online Cheap

Tramadol usually costs $400 USD and up for 120 pills of 50 mg tablets at local drugstores but at online pharmacies, customers can buy them for as low as $10 for a pill bottle with the same dosage and the same number of pills. With this great difference in price, it’s obvious what the better choice for the customers would be and that would be the store that would give them great savings. Some customers might think that these may be unreliable medicines but no, these are the exact same Tramadol sold at the local pharmacies. Customers can either choose the brand-name Tramadol which goes by the name Ultram and they can also select from its similarly effective generic versions that cost much cheaper. Like the medicines sold locally, the pharmaceutical products that online pharmacies have are also accepted by the FDA, undergoing stringent quality assessments before being approved for sale.

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Pharmacy Mall Front

Pharmacy Mall Front

Like local drugstores, online pharmacies are also meticulous with the quality of the medicines that they sell to guarantee the safety of their customers. They only source their products from pharmaceutical companies that are GMP-certified, making sure that the manufacturing plants of their suppliers are checked, inspected, and approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The good news for buyers is that they can purchase their medicines without having to provide prescriptions at online pharmacies. Though prescriptions are somehow necessary to make sure that the ones buying Tramadol are only the patients who need them, online pharmacies have somehow decided to allow the sale of the drug without requiring it. Prescriptions cost customers money since they have to pay the professional fees of the specialists that they have consulted and doctor visits also take time. In not asking their customers for prescriptions, online pharmacies have in effect helped their customers save money and time, making the entire process easy for buyers.

The only difference with ordering Tramadol online compared to purchasing it locally is that the online purchase will take some time before the customer receives the product while local purchase allows the customers to get their hands on the medicine immediately. So in purchasing online, customers should do it in advance and not in the actual time of need. The cheap online prices will allow them to save more money and purchase more pills for future use.

For clients who want to receive their orders in a quick fashion, online pharmacies offer the express mail service (EMS) which only takes from 5 to 8 days before the customers get them.

Express Mail Service

Express Mail Service

The usual fee for EMS is around $19 and up and it has a tracking option available. Standard airmail is also available for customers who are not in a rush and it takes somewhere between 14 to 21 days before arriving. This option is much cheaper since it would only cost the customers $9 to $10 USD.

Customers don’t have to worry if something happens to their Tramadol orders before it even reaches them. In cases that the orders were lost, damaged, stolen or went missing during the delivery process, online pharmacies have solid policies that guarantee their orders to be reshipped for free or refunded in full based on their preference.


Tramadol is a medication for treating people experiencing moderate to severe physical pain. It is an expensive prescription drug but if purchased online, customers would no longer have to provide prescriptions and they would only need to spend a fraction of its original cost because of its cheap price. Consider checking our List of Recommended Pharmacies approved for sale of pharmaceuticals online.